I used dnpx for 3.5 weeks straight I noticed a big difference in overall shape of my body. The energy that you can get from dnpx is unrivaled. I would recommend this product to anybody with serious intentions I'm getting up and doing something in the gym. This is been one of the best pre workout I've ever tried I was given. Full 30 servings one thing I will tell you if you do try this product follow the guidelines on the label one serving a day simple do not go over one serving a day each serving has over 400 milligrams of caffeine it. If you are not stimulant tolerant this will really rock your world. To assess your tolerance you may want to go with a half of a scoop for me I went with the full scoop I'm used to doing heavy doses of caffeine and all those other things like it. As for the cortisol it definitely made a difference in the overall toning and definition I'm seeing when I look in the mirror. Recommend running this for 4 to 6 weeks straight consecutively do not even though the overdose for caffeine is in the grams I still would not recommend taking a chance especially if you are not still tolerant. But go with this you'll see some great results.