Iso Sensation 93 (5lb)
Iso Sensation 93 (5lb)


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Iso Sensation 93 (5lb)

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    Using natural flavor.
    Mixes easily in a smoothie maker. Creamy milkshake texture with skim milk. No powder bubbles. Tastes like reconstituted powdered milk.

    71servings per 5lb tub.

    No declension in performance compared to previous whey isolate used. Workout 6 days per week for 45min-60min.
    No gas or negative side effects.

    Very happy with this product due to no fillers. Will continue with them as a regular. Cholesterol is 2mg per serving.

    Much more competitive pricing if one searches on the Interwebz.

    March 2014 update still use as needed for meal replacement. I did try a few other very well known brands but found them all too sweet-Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and still came back to this one. Natural hard to find. I guess folks like their sweet tooth.
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