Ultra Omega-3 (180 softgels)
Ultra Omega-3 (180 softgels)


NOW Foods

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Ultra Omega-3 (180 softgels)

  1. 5/5

    This is the highest EPA/DHA per serving product I can find. It's a great deal on Nutraplanet too. I don't get any fish burps from this product, like I have with some other brands. Now is a quality brand. You're not paying for shiny fancy labels either. I actually switched to a different brand for a month or two and noticed increased pain and inflammation and fish burps. Just had to switch back and I won't stray again.

  2. Agreed....even at 2 caps, which is 1500g total epa/dha, would last 3 months with 1 bottle
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  3. One of the best deals out there. good stuff

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