Protean (4 lb)
Protean (4 lb)


iForce Nutrition

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Protean (4 lb)

  1. 5 out of 5 rating for Protean (4 lb)

    Had a free tub courtesy of iForce :) My review and impressions were as follows!

    Hello AM , as you guys know iForce is one of the companies where costumers come first and they are not afraid to share in order to spread (The love and support of course!) This time I was chosen to log and review with Pictures and Video (Yes...I will upload a video so be prepared for some Texan accent I guess) reviewing their most amazing Protein Blend ever! Name?: iForce Protean Red Velvet Cake.

    For those of you not familiar with this , you must have been living under a rock, if so welcome back to the world. Its a delicious protein powder that just breaks any usual flavor you are used to. We have all seen them from many companies "Chocolate this!!" "Vanilla that!!" "Strawberry piss!!" I mean...flavors haha, when you get into the BB world you start by getting your Shakes right? Well we all make do with the flavors there are and we are satisfied for a while...until CRAVINGS appear, suddenly that Chocolate isn't enough for a sweet tooth like you on a cut is it?? Specially with the whole "Cupcake Uprising" we have had in the last few years, well here comes the solution to avoid you and prevent you from cheating and binging on anything other than Healthy Controlled Macro-Nutrients which is what Protean RVC is all about.

    Attachment 57986

    So lets break this down to show why it is a PERFECT source of clean nutrients to add into a well balanced nutrition:

    -20g of protein is pretty good specially if added to a recipe like the ones I am about to show you
    -6.5g of carbs per scoop...I can hear it already "BUT I AM KETO!!" "I am OCD!!" "I don't do well on carbs! This should be an Isolate!" For all you carb-paranoids this fits well on a cut too! Yes it works on lean bulks and recomps too! Why? Because if you are worried about having to "tweak" your nutrition around it, here's how: If its gonna be Proatmeal (Protean+Oatmeal) Get your cup of dry outs , and take 1 to 2 tbsp of oats , there you go , you didn't have to tweak much right? And still the same amound of carbs...And for you Keto's out there , give up about half a cup or lettuce , this will fill you up more and make you happier anyway , and even hardcore Keto's know they need at least 50g of carbs a day.
    -4g of fat , which is pretty good and everyone needs fats no matter what , so if you are worried about a spillover on fats , don't , because most likely this will replace the meat or chicken or turkey you were gonna have that had this trace amount of fats!!

    Now on to the taste and personal thoughts on Protean Red Velvet Cake!!

    For started , I am no stranger to Red Velvet Cake mixes or to the cupcakes/cakes/batters themselves , you might not believe this but since I was a kid I have binged , indulged and rewarded myself with HUGE amount of Red Velvet Pastries! My mother and grandmother being quite proficient at it makes it hard not to haha, and it has in fact become kind of a staple pre-requisite for my GFs to know or learn how to do Red Velvet Cupcakes at the least.

    When I opened the tub the smell...that familiar and enticing smell filled me up, proceeded to take the scoop and make myself a dish that has proven a challenge to ALL of the protein powders I have tried , specially the "low carb" ones and the "low fat ones"...Believe me I was taking Protean on for a ride , and I was scared to be disappointed , didn't disappoint!!!

    Protean Pancakes:
    Recipe is not hard at all, but it is a challenge for the protein to add the right amount of Taste , Consistency and Aroma to the mix!.

    -1 cup of egg whites
    -1/2 cup cottage cheese
    -1 cup dry old fashioned oats
    -1 Scoop Of Protean RVC

    Simply put in the blender the oats/whites and cottage cheese first and mix till Batter-like consistency is achieved , then proceed to add RVC into the mix and mix it lightly for a while.

    Result should look like this:
    Attachment 57989

    Yes I had already poured out half the mix into Pancakes haha I could NOT resist myself. But I remembered to take a pic for review's sake!

    Simply take to a proper non-stick pan and pour the mix..Here's where it gets tricky for many protein powders, the Consistency they add to the mix , is never enough!! They always end up TOO runny for this amounts and they come out a thin bacteria-shaped mess!! Furthermore , they STICK! And make an even messier , burnt-tasting mess!! I do not mention the names of this brands out of respect, for legal issues and also for professionalism, but believe me , I am a solid cook and whoever follows my logs KNOWS I like to cook and cook well for my sweet-tooth's sake :).

    Now here's how they are coming out!! And notice how they get the reddish look , and they SPONGE up so MUCH! , it was wonderful , the first Protean Pancakes of many to come!! They came out way better than I expected , to be honest I thought it was just gonna be an "OK" protein and that it was all hype...Well the taste , was just like my own grandmothers Red Velvet Pancakes (They are not made with Protean, have HIGH fats and HIGH GI carbs haha) Which for me , means I no longer have to cheat when I am craving them <3!! The mix I gave yielded out 4 of them. Keep in mind I only used 1 scoop and if I had used more I know the taste would have been stronger , yet this is a well tasting dish and I am still experimenting with the formula for this, pics are right here:

    Attachment 57990Attachment 57991

    Yes Ladies and Gentlemen so far Protean has passed the Cooking test with 5 star ratings and moved on to the next stage. Proatmeal! More on that later ;).

    As a note: Anyone can come up and say "And the shake?" Anyone can do shakes , but some of us have a more craving palate for cooking with their Protean , for now I am concerned in more whole foods , But I will finish up with a shake I want to try with Red Velvet Cake Taste :)!.

    Thanks again to iForce for letting me try this , so far , a dream come true in the taste and cooking department for me!.
  2. 5 out of 5 rating for Protean (4 lb)

    Gave it a 5 but honestly I'd give 4.5. Great Stuff. Video in link below.


    Mixability: 8.5/10
    Doesn't clump to much. I have seen better mixing proteins before. However when you shake it up it dissolves completely just as in the video. With milk, however, little clumps remain not bad at all.

    Flavor: 8.5/10
    I did say in the video that it tasted like Red Velvet Cake, however, the taste reminds me more of a Red Velvet Ice Cream. Tastes Great. However, I still believe it with a few tweaks it could be better. FYI I would purchase this product just for the flavor.

    Protein Quality: 10/10
    The blend iForce came up with is what I personally look for every time I'm looking to buy a protein supplement.

    Protein Amount: 8/10
    I honestly look for a protein that has more than 20 grams per serving when browsing around. There is 4 grams of sugar for every scoop which is my limit if I'm going to purchase a protein.

    Price: 8.5/10
    Just about your average price for protein nowadays. I personally look for the best deal I can come across since I don't use a protein supplement on a daily basis. Only when I really need protein I'll use it.

    Would I personally purchase this?
    Yes, this wouldn't be my go to protein because I tend to just stick with chocolate but I usually always get a 2lb container of a different flavor other than chocolate whether it be Cinnamon Roll , Cake Batter, etc. This is my go to product now when it comes to a protein different than chocolate. It's a great protein that I will suggest to friends of mine , however, I do believe there still is room for improvement in the flavoring system.

    Final Score:

    iForce Protean Red Velvet Cake Review (Video)

  3. Best Protein hands down! I have had the VMS and it tastes like a cookies and cream bar with mint... I could drink everyday!
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  4. I force vanilla mint protein mixed with ocean spray blueberry lemonade & a few ice cubes is AWESOME! Love it!
  5. 5 out of 5 rating for Protean (4 lb)

    Milk + 1/2 cup cottage cheese + ice.. this stuff is amazing!! Flavor alone is unreal imo.


  6. Solid review! Strawberry Creamsicle is my favourite!
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  7. VMS is one of my favorite proteins, taste-wise. I also like RVC. Chocolate is ok, but nowhere near as good as the previous 2.

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  8. 4 out of 5 rating for Protean (4 lb)

    As the title says they all rock. Depends what your in the mood for really. Mixability and taste were all excellent in 4-5oz. of water.
  9. 5/5

    My initial impression was that this particular flavor was intriguing to me, as a kid I would always enjoy eating the mint chocolate chip ice cream at my grandma's house and that is what I had initially thought this would be like. I was right, it is exactly how it ended up tasting. I have been adding just a quarter scoop of chocolate protein powder to a scoop and a half of the VMS and it hits it dead on. I literally look forward to every cup of this stuff. I will be trying it in a shake this weekend on a cheat day, will try to get something similar to the shamrock shake from McD's and I'm sure it will be amazing.

    The texture of the product is good although I would have to say it doesn't mix up the best. I tend to have a few small chunks here and there when I drink it after mixing a few times. Nothing too discouraging though because when you do get a chunk it actually tastes amazing when you bite into it.

    The taste as covered earlier is fantastic, you guys really nailed a perfect tasting protein here. I have trouble drinking any flavor protein besides chocolate for some reason. This will be the new flavor that I always have stocked though.

    My overall thoughts on the product? Very good taste but a bit pricey. This is the type of product that I don't like to shell the extra money on as I end up going through protein so quickly it can get very expensive. I would definitely like the price to come down a bit. However I will make it cost effective by buying a tub here and there and just using a 1 scoop vms, 1 scoop cheap choco protein powder ratio to try and make it last. Nice job once again iForce and thanks for the oppurtunity!

    Taste: 10/10
    Texture: 9/10
    Recovery: 9/10
    Overall: 9.5/10
  10. 5/5

    Taste: 10/10. Exactly spot on. ok, reading other reviews about this, i thought they would've embellished the way they described it the taste but i was completley wrong. opening the tub you could smell the vanilla and mint but it wasnt strong so i wasnt expecting a strong taste. pop a scoop in my mini blender for a few seconds. smell was stringer after the blend and took mty first sip. WWWWOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! literallaly tasted like a mickey d's shamrock shake. i couldnt believe how perfect it was. the vanilla was done right, exactly like a regular shake u would get from any smoothie or shake joint. the mintyness is such an amazing addition, makes it feel so fresh after drinking it

    Flavor: 10/10 what a great new flavor to add to the protein shake industry, so new, so different and refreshing. this is my new favorite flavor. enough said

    Mixibility: 10/10 i mixed it last night in my blender which many people dont so i just got home from the gym gave it a shot with my shaker bottle. honestly one of the easiest mixing protein powders ever. give it a good shake for 10 seconds and there are barely any chucks like most powders

    Texture: 10/10 real smooth blended or shaken. doesnt have that sandy feeling on your tongue at all. wonder how this would blended with some ice cubes

    Overall: by far the best tasting protein i have ever drank. the flavor explodes in your mouth and goes down with a cool minty feeling. mixes perfect, tastes perfect, everything is literally perfect.

  11. I want to thank Vaughn for giving me the opportunity to try Red Velvet and Choc Covered Pretzel. This is both a thanks and a full disclosure statement so those who read the following reviews are fully informed.

    Fortunately, I also had on hand Blueberry Muffin and Brown Sugar Maple Oatmeal Cookie so I can give you my take on these as well. Let's start with taste (ranked):

    1) BSMOC: this is the classic and it remains at the top. You get a deep brown sugar and maple flavor that is delicious. It is perfect for drinking, oats, sludge, cereal, smoothies, baking, etc. Some say that they can detect an "oatmeal" flavor but to my palate is not so refined as to spot such gradations. Regardless, it's awesome.

    2) Blueberry Muffin: it has quickly become a favorite of many and for good reason. You open the tub and are instantly hit with the smell quite literally of a blueberry muffin/blueberry muffin baking mix. In terms of flavor, they've managed to capture the combination of a both the fruit and crumb elements; the blueberry component is a cream-y blueberry. It would be #1, but after using it a lot I started to detect a slight chemical aftertaste that knocked it down some notches.

    3) Red Velvet: a much sweeter protein than the others. You are first hit with a tangy cocoa flavor. This makes sense as Red Velvet cake traditionally has buttermilk, vinegar, and cream cheese as key components. Pure cocoa appears in stronger form as the aftertaste.

    4) Choc Covered Pretzel: a controversial one here. So what is it like? Take a milk chocolate covered pretzel, scrape the chocolate + salt pieces on it's surface, and imagine those shavings in protein form. Essentially, it results in a chocolate protein + salt. I would say that the lack of the pretzel dough component is the problem here. However, under the salty aspect, you can taste a very good milk chocolate protein, so I can imagine that iForce's Milk Choc flavor is quite good.

    Texture: this is a whey blend so it'll be middle of the spectrum in terms of mxing. These dissolved without clumps into water, milk, yogurt, and oats.

    Quality: iForce has never been in trouble for spiking their protein products and seem to be a fairly serious company. Each run of every product is tested and the whey is made with USA sourced dairy. Higher up in the chain, Hi- Tech makes products for just about every major supplement brand and is audited almost monthly by the FDA. All in all, I feel confident in getting what is on the label.

    I'll update this part if we can get some test results for you folks as well.
  12. 4/5

    back when this first was released, I bought two tubs. mix ability and taste were amazing.

    if one is looking at taste for protein, something you can mix in with other stuff, this is def it.

  13. Great reviews here..thanks for posting
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  14. 5/5

    I've just finished a 2lb container of IFN latest flavor of their 100% Whey Protean in the Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream flavor and this flavor was as good as it sounds and it's right up there with IFN other stellar flavors such as the Blueberry Muffin and the Brown Sugar Maple Oatmeal Cookie.

    When you open the container it actually looks like a cookies and cream flavor and you really don't smell any mint but when you add water that's when the mint comes alive in both color and taste.

    The powder in a shaker cup with water mixes up perfectly with no foam or clumping and the little choc specs are the only thing that float to the bottom.
    The ingredient profile packs 25gm of protein with 7 gm of carbs and 1 gm of sugar with 150 calories per serving. This was a very enjoyable flavor that literally tasted like melted mint choc chip ice cream so I personally didn't mind the few extra calories per scoop.
    This protein not only tasted great in a shake but also worked amazingly well mixed with oats for overnight proats and worked fantastic in different recipes whether cooked or baked.

    Overall as I mentioned IFN has themselves another winning flavor to along with the other two flavors that I mentioned in the beginning of this review and if you like the taste of mint then I highly recommend giving this flavor a try and the only thing I would like to see different in this flavor would be the little choc pieces. Instead of the choc cookie like pieces I'd rather have bits of real dark choc added but other than that this flavor is a KEEPER for me.:)

  15. [img]Name:  20160731_091521.jpg
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    This ^^^^^^^^ is what this Mint Choc Chip flavor looked like mixed as a shake and the color even looks
    like melted Breyers ice cream and it tasted just as good.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by totalpackage View Post
    [img]Name:  20160731_091521.jpg
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Size:  138.2 KB[/img]

    This ^^^^^^^^ is what this Mint Choc Chip flavor looked like mixed as a shake and the color even looks
    like melted Breyers ice cream and it tasted just as good.
    I've had the cream of the crop of the flavor. It would be hard to compare!
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