This stuff is so fuggin amazing in the sleep depertment is almost to good to be true! Well the first day of intimidate was really good I noticed the effects right away in the better sleeep, I do get amazing sleep already, but this made it 2 times better. During that week of intimidate sleep and vivid dreams were just great, was loving ever mintute of sleep, I notice I had slighly better recover with a hit of leaness. Second week was were thing were getting better Sleep was now 3 times better, recovery increase, hardness kinda strated I think, but I was mostly getting leaner.

Now the start of week 3 o boy this was a wild ride of goodness! Sleep was like a baby that had a full belly of breast milk, recovery was behyond amazing, leaness was a wow factor itslef, Testosterone increase was there along with some acne, along with good strength gains. During this week my dream was inteanse and very clear to remember like I was having the most fuggin funniest dream ever and the next morning I woke up I was laughing my butt off, this is the honest truth.

Week 4 sleep in now beyhond full effect nice and very deep, waking up refreased and in excllent mood, leaness increased even more, strength gains also went up, libido was high, all in all, week 4 was a blast!

So here what you can expect out of this product.

Deep Sleep
Better Sleep
Feeling refreasched each morining
Testosterone incress
libido increase
strength increase
amazing dreams