Beast Mode (45 servings)
Beast Mode (45 servings)


Beast Sports Nutrition

Price: $41.95

Rating: 3.67 out of 5 stars, based on 3 total reviews.
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Beast Mode (45 servings)

  1. 4 out of 5 rating for Beast Mode (45 servings)

    Profile--This has all of your standard PWO ingredients, plus "Neurostimulating Co-Factors For Focus & Intensity." I always appreciate companies putting something different in their products. Beast Mode has DMAE, mucuna pruiens, ginko, and club moss extract to differentiate it. From what I understand, those factors take a bit more than a week to really make a difference in one's attitude and focus. I also question the use of mucuna instead of tyrosine, which I understand has better effects on dopamine levels.

    Mixability--Mode mixes very well with just a fork. No grainy residue in the bottom of the glass, no "white stuff" on top of the water after mixing. This is a plus!

    Taste--It's sugar-free fruit punch. Fruit punch is my second-least favorite flavor (watermelon being first), but I can definitely drink Mode first thing in the morning. It's not overly sweet and no cloying aftertaste. Thumbs up!

    Effects--Good Stuff! Definitely can feel the Beta-Al tingle. I like the sustained energy that I feel from Mode. It's not a "Gotta kill the weights!" energy, but more of a swagger and "I got this" feeling. I think that over the course of a tub, the focus and swagger would increase as the "Neurostimulating Co-factors" build in one's system. Might just have to give that a shot sometime!
  2. 3/5

    the big thing that stands out is how high the ba is dosed, could really feel the tingles from 1st dose thru last...nothing else really stood out, just decent...if you like ba tingles and find this at a good price go for it....if you don't like the tingles, stay clear, imo.

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  3. 4/5

    Mixability - 8 Mixes pretty well with 6 oz of cold water.
    Taste - 8 Pink Lemonade is sweet but not overpowering.
    Profile - 7 Usually not a fan of prop blends, but it works pretty well here.

    I got a decent enough pump and definitely felt the Beta Alanine tingle.

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