Form-X (90 capsules)
Form-X (90 capsules)


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Form-X (90 capsules)

  1. 4 out of 5 rating for Form-X (90 capsules)

    I Ran Form-X for 6 weeks and my results were as follows:

    Final Day and dose today. So its time for the final review, first lets do some numbers ok guys?

    Starting weight:135.6lbs
    Final Weight: 140.8
    Difference: +5.2 LBs


    Squat- 225x2 BUT it was only above Parallel, proper squat below parallel was: 205x1

    Squat- All the way to the ground: 225x1 (+25lbs)
    Deadlift- 250x3 (+10lbs on the repping, Haven't attempted a 1 RM)
    BP-185x1 (No change, bench is a b1tch)
    OHP-105x3 (+5lbs and 2 more reps)

    Ok lets start with the product review.

    This were the goals:

    -Around 3-4lbs of LEAN mass. Met
    -Increase in strength Met
    -Reduced Bloating due to the AI and "SERM" complex it possesses. Exceeded expectations
    -Increased aggression (though many will debate if I need it or not since my pics and attitude does show an angry little smurf...I mean Troll) Aggression and Confidence rose a lot.
    -Increased and enhanced Recovery, since going up in weight...dear lord it does make me sore haha and I am a deadlift fanatic So I do go all out on them and I am NOT scared of pushing it to the very last drop of energy in the tank. Recovery did increase, but more between sets as I could complete my workouts faster with rest between sets as little as 30-45 seconds even on the heavy sets.
    -I do look for the added health benefits in Piperine and Quercetin and I am curious to see the effect of this Phellodendron Amurensis Extract (Bark). I have to say I thought the "SERM" complex would help more to control the possible Prolactin sides that did occur , however it was minimal.
    Ok now on to the Editorial comment:

    -Strength: It did go up and quite fast, I started feeling the full on effects of the strength increase after week 1. From then on strength kept rising and rising without any plateauing for the Lower and Upper body lifts. This was shown greatly in my Assistance exercises and in my 10 rep max increase on the Deadlift (210x10). Furthermore the BW exercises did see an increase in added weight, like finally reaching Chin ups with 45lbs hanging for 9 reps and also managing Dips at BW+70x5.

    -Endurance: One of the most important aspects IMO, is to point out the fact that DAA does its amazing job are strength increasing, in the matter of volume too. I was able to achieve a 25lb increase in my 10 rep max for deadlifts, not something easy to do, also being able to reach chin ups at BWx30 going all the way up and all the way down, so full ROM. Another aspect I was not dissapointed was my endurance for cardio, Most of you know that I can go ahead and do 1 hour cardios like nothing, but on Form-X 1 hour would be nothing, and I had to control myself and stop because I am attempting to gain weight.

    -Libido and Drive: Honestly, I can not lie, I have been in a sort of depression ever since my Ex left me and is now marrying another person by the end of this month...this had me on the down lows and honestly, no woman seemed worth the trouble again for me...I was devastated, well Form-X came and it Started up the engine in my testicles again haha, it seriously made me feel like a horny 13 year old again and I remembered one wise saying: "God gave us men 2 heads...with only enough blood for one, hence we tend to make wise choices" hahaha. Morning wood quality, penile sensitivity and perverted thoughts were OFF THE SCALE.

    -Recovery: I gotta say, this is one aspect I hoped would improve a bit more. I would have thought that a bit more of hormonal balance would mean better recovery, however I was amazed at how Aggression can play a role in this, allow me to explain. Form-X does increase testosterone by having proven ingredients for said purpose, now this leads to a certain "Macho" attitude and aggression, the human psyche is heavily influenced by out motivations, and this increased aggression and "powerful+confident" feeling makes you need less rest because you are in control of your pain, even if the burn is high, even if the DOMs are eating you away, it won't matter, recovery between sets will be purely taken over by your mind and will-power to just throw weights around, and having proven that you do get a strength boost from this, you can only want more and more. Thus Recovery in a way is presented in between sets and inside the workout.

    -Side effects: Well only one really to report, this is just one minor aspect that Not everyone is prone to! But I had the bad luck to have my body respond this way to DAA. Prolactin side effects. Progesterone can indeed be raised by DAA supplementation, and the AI did not work at controlling it, however let me very clear Form-X does NOT give Gynecomastia and it certainly won't bloat you either like just straight up DAA will. IMO the AI does a fantastic Job against Estrogen side effects, like bloat or emotional responses, BUT It does not work for Prolactin level spikes, however, it is over as soon as one is off the stack, so nothing to worry about.

    Lean mass Gains: Numbers speak for themselves, paired with a good diet, it is a really good product to use for a Lean Bulk, since it will keep the bloat away and it will also help as an ergogenic aid for putting on Muscle Mass.

    All in all, I can completely to the entirety of my judgement and free will give Form-X a grade of: 9/10 Based on the following Criteria.

    Strength: 10/10. It honestly exceeded my expectations.
    Endurance: 8/10.
    Libido and Drive: 10/10
    Side Effects: 7/10
    Lean Mass Gains: 10/10. Note, this is more diet dependent, but it does indeed help IMO, without strength gains to push hypertrophy to its limits, this can NOT be achieved.

    I want to thank DiabeticLftr and LG Sciences for letting me run this amazing product and Sponsoring me for Full 6 weeks. There aren't many companies out there who will just give you out free stuff in the hopes of getting an honest review out of you with progress updates. This was a way for me to try to compensate for the company being so nice to me, being honest and giving it my max effort. Not to mention I believe in Form-X now that I have tried it and I even purchased myself an extra bottle at the Planet :). I recommend this product to anyone looking to increase strength, motivation, mood and endurance. Being so versatile I see it effective for Cut/Recomp/Bulk , in the aspect that in a caloric deficit it can and it will help maintain strength, while on the other hand, on a maintenance or surplus level it WILL help raise strength levels.<br>I Ran Form-X for 6 weeks and my results were as follows:


  2. Does one need a PCT with this? Did you take a AI with this? If so what kind?
    Here is my log

  3. This is a perfect product to add to your need to have a PCT on hand, it's DAA and a AI plus goodies in it which I describe in the log I did.

    At max dosage you get 3g DAA , good AI dosage and well dosed extras, throw it in a PCT with your SERM and cortisol control and you are g2g.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  4. 2caps per day 45 days is what you ran?
  5. 4/5

    I'm almost finished with a 6 week cycle and this product has been great. Definitely raised my libido. I have maintained and even gained a little bit of strength while eating at a deficit. At times it even seemed to raise my aggression a bit much. Price could have been a bit cheaper. One bottle at full dosage only lasts 2 weeks. It's really too bad that LG discontinued this product. It wasn't even around that long at all.


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