Amino X (30 Servings)
Amino X (30 Servings)



Price: $19.99

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 2 total reviews.
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Amino X (30 Servings)

  1. 4/5

    BCAAs are generally judged by taste in my opinion and as far as taste goes green apple is mild, takes some getting used to. for the price i would go for something else but i got like 12 bottles for 10$ each so wasn't too bad will try another flavor next bottle
  2. 4/5

    this is the best tasting bcaa product out there period. Fruit punch is Kool Aid. If your one to worry about tolerating a product when you drinking, then this is the safest one to try. Mixes instantly with no foam and taste like a treat. The only downfall is the price per serving.

  3. Love this product.

    Great profile

    Tastes great.

    The artificial dyes kill my teeth though.

    I use zero calorie aminos like Amino X pre contest and love them but it costs me more to get my teeth cleaned and polished before stage time.

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