Alpha-T2 (90 Capsules)
Alpha-T2 (90 Capsules)



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Alpha-T2 (90 capsules)

  1. 5 out of 5 rating for Alpha-T2 (90 capsules)

    Great non-stim addition to any fat loss stack. Provides extra thermogenisis, energy, and appetite suppresion without containing stimulants. Fantastic product and very innovative by PES.
  2. 5 out of 5 rating for Alpha-T2 (90 capsules)

    Alpha-T2 put PES on the map in the supplement industry. This fat burner openly discloses the amounts of each ingredient for the user to understand what they're using, make their own judgment on whether this supplement is using a proper dose for them, and to decide how they will dose Alpha-T2 for their needs. As it turns out, if you follow the recommended dose for Alpha-T2 you do in fact receive a very potent dose of both rauwolscine and 3,3-T2. This product is very effective, and in my experience you can even begin to see results after 2 days of use!

    Notice that Alpha-T2 only has 3 ingredients, allowing for it to be stacked along with other fat burners, and it uses a mild-weak stimulant, thus making it a choice fat burner for those who are either sensitive to stimulants or not wishing to feel "stimmed-out." Alpha-T2 has a great price point and should be a consumer's first choice for a fat burner if they're committed to purchasing one.
  3. 5/5

    I was more impressed with the appetite control this product gave me..Its almost like sometimes i forgot about eating which is how strong it is, with out the jitters and and the other bull**** other companies put in their fat burners. I ran the product for 4 weeks, with the first 2 very strict, i did notice the effects started to subside during the 3rd week. I should have up the dose but i was trying to spread it out.. Very nice product!!! during a cut this is a product you should add to your stack!
  4. 4/5

    You feel like your have a workout from within kind of a warm feeling bit annoying at times but its working 2 caps a day so far lost some fat around my lower abs area looking good
  5. 3/5

    Loved it because it didn't cause any jitters or anxiety like some. Ran two bottles with decent results. My diet was not spot on but was very clean while on. Did expect slighlty better results but got results none the less. Make sure your diet is on point (obviously).
  6. 5/5

    I'm going to have to rate another PES product quite high it seems.

    This is a favorite go to fat burner especially when looking at the non-stim variety. If I were to look at a purchase now it'd be between Alpha-T2 or Lean Xtreme... the new Omega Sports Burn 24 looks legit too. So thanks to some quality companies, we've got some good options and possible combinations to choose from these days. I used this when I reached my leanest and best conditioning last Novemeber and I feel Alpha-T2 played a role. You can bet I'll be using it again before summer hits. You have to admit, PES doesn't cut corners or fool around when they release a product.

    It's nice that they disclose the dosing of each ingredient here and that's important considering the ingredients... especially if you were looking at stacking options.

    As someone who loves their supplements and takes it serious, god bless companies with innovation and intelligence like PES.
  7. 5/5

    PES I feel like I need to give a product only 4 stars, just so people don't think my 5 key was stuck on my keyboard.

    However, Alpha-T2 will not be that product, because for me it's 5 Stars.

    I love the fact that it is such a mild stim. I am very stim sensitive. I usually dose it 1cap first thing upon waking, then another 60 mins later on way to work, and then 1 before lunch.

    I sometimes throw a shift in here or there, just to keep the body heat cranking.

    Besides the increase in body temp, my favorite effect is the appetite suppression. I have a hard time losing weight since I eat out of boredom, or habit.

    Alpha-T2 has become a staple for me
  8. 5/5

    AlphaT2 from PES is definitely a potent fat burner crammed inside a little green & white pill that I had the privelege to review. Although the effects of AlphaT2 can't be as easily felt compared to something like a preworkout, over the course of my time taking it there were noticeable effects that it had on my body in a very positive way.

    Alpha T2 was taken consecutively with Alphamine so my dosing was slightly different than what the bottle recommended (and also prolonged the product usage). I would take my Alphamine in the morning and then would take 2 pills of Alpha T2 at night. Once Alphamine ran out I switched over to the suggested dosing of 2 pills AM/ 1 pill PM. The pills are gel capped and go down easy and do not have an aftertaste even 20 to 30 minutes after dosing.

    During the first week of dosing there wasn't much I noticed besides slight increase in body temperature especially in the abdomen region. As the dosing continued through week 4 I noticed that the thermogenesis effect had increased substantially, almost as though my hypothalmus turned the temperature dial up a few notches. I even had to buy a sweat-defense deodorant because I would perspire at even the thought of working out. Huge increase in the sensation of feeling heat across all of my body. During workouts (cardio) I noticed I would sweat much sooner than usual and would be drenched afterwards even with minimal effort and that even during resistance training I would start sweating into my first couple of sets! I did not have any noticeable appetite suppression but I was usually taking my dose a few hours prior to sleep and I wasn't eating anything then anyway. When I would wake up in the morning (especially towards the end of the bottle) I would look like bloated/held less water. AlphaT2 definitely attributed into helping me lean up, even though I was not eating for cutting. I've noticed some increased definition through my lower abs, shoulders, and arms. I'm filling out my shirts better while looking better with them off, and even a few pairs of jeans are not quite as snug as they once used to be requiring me to notch the belt one extra loop!

    AlphaT2 is a fantastic fat burner whose effects really start to become noticeable the further you go into the bottle, and I'd highly recommended it for anyone looking to turn up the heat on themselves to help squeeze out some excess water and get that lean and cut look.
  9. 4/5

    i am a big fan of thermogenics and this one was a good one. at 1 pill a day, didnt feel much but when u do 2 pills, u start sweatin like a pig on the treadmill. my body was heated up throughout all my workouts and stayed warm like all day. girls loved huggin me in the cold weather lol only thing i didnt like is it didnt really suppress my appetite, it kinda got my hungrier. also eat somethin small after you dose int he morning, if u go empty stomach, u'll feel like gagging but all in all, awesome product, pickin up more bottles and gonna be in all my fatloss stacks

  10. Not much of a review here just wanted to add that I have about a week left of my 4 week run with AlphaT2. I dosed it 2 caps in the morning and one cap approx 7 hours later both on empty stomach. I did notice a some fat loss and I do feel skinnier overall but that's the problem. I was hoping for more of a leaner, cut look than a skinny look. I have not gotten any weaker or lost weight on this run but I do appear less muscular even though I didn't lose any strength. I also never felt that "warm" sensation most people say they do when taking this product. Maybe I need more of a stim based product? Also would Alphamine be a better supplement to use for me as it has lean muscle preserving properties?
    5'5 167
    Bench- 295 Squat- 365 Deadlift- 315
    Just an athlete trying to get as lean and muscular as possible
  11. 5/5

    so.... useless to say that this is a great product!!!

    no side effects

    for me was like eating a lot more and having the sensation that everything was going directly to my muscles! i was able to lean out increasing kcal per day! great results!


    2 in the morning before breakfast
    1 in the late afternoon with my pre WO

    i had great results and i will use this again, hopefully PES will create a new formula or continue to stock this!


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