AndroMass (168 softgels)
AndroMass (168 softgels)


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AndroMass (168 softgels)

  1. 5/5

    The following was my 8 weeks experience reflection using AndroMass stacked with AndroHard and AndroDrive

    Week 8 Reflection & Final Stack Review: Starting weight 343 lbs, ending at 333.

    Strength: 10/10. From week 1 through the end, I felt strong, and all the damn PRís for the past 2 months have been satisfying to say the least.

    Recovery: 8/10 Ė After getting through all the summer crud, recovery became much better. For most of the run, I was DOMS free. But when they showed back up during week 6/7, it didnít matter. I forgot how invigorating some soreness can be each day. Iím giving the Alpha Bulk a lot of credit for keeping the soreness down. Once I stopped dosing at the beginning of Week 7, I had little mild soreness each morning after lifting.

    Pump/Vascularity: 8/10 Ė the added Agmatine from SS has really helped with the pump and keeping the veins from disappearing. Should have run this all the way through, oh well. Vascularity increased each week; Up the arms, across the shoulders, onto chest. Now I just hope it will stick around through PCT.

    Mood/Aggression: 10/10 Ė Mood was great all the way through. Had the aggression spike and was completely in control. The alpha feeling was there but not over whelming. Iíve really enjoyed the entire summer and thatís a first in a long time for me. Not to forget to mention, me having a good summer made the family damn happy as well.

    Energy/Focus: I am splitting this one up. Focus (10/10) from the Drive has been awesome since day one. Itís allowed me to stay on track, reflect on the challenges that came up and move through them, as well as kept me happy through the additional cardio I decided to put myself through. Energy (5/10) was up and down even after I added the Craze. I am not completely sold on this Pre-WO. I just donít get the Ďkick-assí feeling that I really like. Guess my search for a new Pre-WO will begin here as soon as this tub is gone. Maybe soonerÖ

    Noticeable Changes in Appearance: 8/10 Ė Legs took off after week one as well as the vascularity. I can only hope that the new pants I bought will still fit for the first day of schoolÖ Hell, I know I wonít be wearing boxers any time soon. It took a few weeks more to see some separation in the shoulders/traps and shoulders/arms. Iíve felt much more dense/hard since I started, which for a fat guy, is a great feeling. I know my BF% has gone down. I know my keg very well. When the well rounded tire starts to look out of shape and deflated, itís a good thing. I also lost the keg shelf that was carrying around.

    Libido: 8/10 Ė started feeling shut down middle of week 7 but it has not been too bad. Itís not something I am overly concerned about since my PCT history shows that I rebound quickly.

    Odds ĎNí Ends: 8.4/10 - Overall I really have enjoyed the past 8 weeks even with the summer crud and the challenges of being older. I have to give a lot of credit to the Drive for helping me stay motivated and adding something to my reflections. As for the rest of the stack, itís a solid strength stack in my opinion. I can see it being used as a bulk or in my case a (forced) recomp. Each time I have decided that I wanted to try and lose the weight, my strength takes a huge down turn and that ****s with my psyche too much. Even as I started to lose the weight, my strength maintained itself or got better, even with the lack of calories I had been planning on putting away this summer. Thatís a huge plus for me.

    Proís: Strength gains, added determination and mental clarity, vascularity increase, additional size, good recovery, very few sides: little loss of libido & some oiliness, NO issues with blood pressure, NO back pumps, and NO lethargy. Not having blood pressure issues, back pumps, and lethargy are HUGE on my list.

    Conís: Others will complain about the costÖ I find that you get what you pay for. What I wanted was a solid summer stack with minimal sides, and as I get older, minimal sides = happy giant. Insomnia from the Drive: some nights were bad, others were good. I am not sure what triggers it though. Drive is something I wouldnít use again unless I had the time off. I need my sleep.

    What has sold me on this stack: Added determination and mental clarity, strength gains while losing weight, no back pumps, no blood pressure issues, and no lethargy.

    Full log can be found here: Summer Fun with Primordial and ForeRunner
  2. 5/5

    Stacked with hard and had 7lb wt gain with 50lb bench increase. Didn't notice any sides while on for 8 weeks either.

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