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Piracetam (1000 mg/500 grams)
Piracetam (1000 mg/500 grams)


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Piracetam (1000 mg/500 grams)

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    Noticeably increased my short term memory and made my social anxiety practically nonexistent. Excellent for social situations, studying, gaming, dating (used it on a blind date once with great success) and as a preworkout.

    I normally take it with Choline Citrate at a 1:1 ratio or i I'll mix in 1 gram of Piracetam with 1scoop of SNS Focust Xt for an enhanced nootropic effect.
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    I love piracetam I use it for pre work outs and basically just ever day choline defiantly is a plus when your using it and I almost refuse to call of duty wit out it. Dmaa piracetam choline creatine is my stack for gaming lol

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