AndroLean (168 softgels)
AndroLean (168 softgels)


Primordial Performance

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AndroLean (168 softgels)

  1. 1/5

    So, I waited for this product...and waited...and waited, pre-ordered...than waited some more. The hype was high and the promises were equally if not much higher. This was my first stint with ANY PH's and so far...not impressed. So I stacked AL (AndroLEAN) @ 6caps ED with AD (AndroDRIVE) @ 3caps ED. First few days...didnt feel much of anything and didnt expect to around day 4 or 5 I was extremely fatigued. At the advise of a PP rep I dropped the AD and continued on with the AL at the same dosage. I will not make this long as I can honestly say there is little to say about this product. For me, and I can only speak for me, this product did absolutely nothing. I felt no different, I performed no different, I neither gained or lost weight. I was hoping this would be a great gateway into PH's and possibly more in the future but so far, very disappointing. I would give this 2 stars except for the sheer fact that the cost was immense for such a huge let down. For anyone curious about trying this, I would only suggest, be wary....very wary and ask for discount codes. PP, I stayed in touch with one of your reps the whole way through and I'm not bashing your product I am just using the "Reviews" tab for its purpose and giving an honest one. I may try AH solo for 8 weeks next suggest bringing down prices as well.

  2. thanks for your honest review.

  3. x2. Glad to hear feedback.
    How long did you wait to purchase the AL Hulk?
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  4. Well I waited a few months before pre-order. Once I pre-ordered maybe about two extra months or so. Maybe a total of 7-8 months.
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  5. I really enjoyed androlean the last 8 weeks of cycle. My honest thoughts on the product are it was very effective in leaning me out, especially my mid section. I am naturally not very vascular, even at my leanest during high school wrestling. I was not a veiny kid and marveled in jealousy at everyone who had pipes flowing down there arms. My vascularity during the cycle and even now well into PCT it insane! My forearms are veiny, I have the thick bicep vein and I am loving it. With androlean you need to have a very good diet and training program. This is not an androgen that will magically shred fat. I will say I had a lot more "love" around the mid section than most but AL really shred it off combined with a great diet. I found that this product really shined the final 3 weeks. If you decide to take AL you need to run it at 8 weeks minimum just as recommended. My final 3 weeks everything accelerated, my vascularity and the fat shredding. This product would stack well with any recomp cycle or for any leaning out goals. It really complimented test e in many great ways including keeping my bloat down to a minimum. I got some mid cycle blood work during my AL run and my liver enzymes were unphased. So for a safe, non toxic androgen that is very powerful, it is worth the price. IMO, there is no price on your body. If you are on the fence about this product feel free to PM me for any details you want about my run with this product and I say give it a try and you will definitely love it!

    fat loss: 9/10

    vascularity: 9/10

    non toxic: 10/10

    Pumps: 9/10
    My muscles are pharmaceutically enhanced.


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