Great focus, mental clarity, no-jitters, clean energy, mind-blowing tunnel vision taken alone or with Ctdlabs Noxipro! Must try product!!! Before I get into all the detailed stuff about Adralin. First off I'd like to say that it's great to have a product that is an herbal substitute to ADD prescriptions. Adralin comes in 60ct capsules. To access your tolerance you can either take 1 capsule in the morning with food & water for the first 3-5 days or 2 caps twice daily. Well, let me tell you I jumped right into it & decided to stack with CTDLABS pre-workout Noxipro. If anyone has taken Noxipro you're well aware of the tunnel vision focus you receive from it & if any of you haven't taken Noxipro from Ctdlabs I highly advise for you to try it out especially if your looking for focus, clean energy, pumps, and strength gains & an overall excellent pre-workout. I started my morning breakfast with some boiled eggs & French toast (love carbs + protein). While eating I had taken my 1 cap of Adralin, within 15 minutes I was zoned out. 45 minutes after I take 1 scoop of Noxipro. I go to the gym & literally I felt like a beast! Literally weight that I wouldn't usually lift was lighter, I was so zoned out that I was benching 225 lbs 12 times, in which I usually only do around 8 reps. Best of all no jitters & this focus maintained with me for a solid 5-6 hours. The main reason why this product works is because of the neurotropic herbals which retain focus, ingredients such as tyrosine, phenylethylamine, caffeine anhydrous, Raspberry Ketone (fat burn & antioxidant support) 5-HTP (increase in serotonin levels), huperzine-a to name a few. This is an amazing supplement if your looking for an extra edge in the gym or just day to day focus & concentration.