ErgoPump (40 servings)
ErgoPump (40 servings)



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Rating: 3.33 out of 5 stars, based on 3 total reviews.
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ErgoPump (40 servings)

  1. 3/5

    I tried a bottle of this stuff recently. It wasn't anything special. It tasted great!. Yummy. Best tasting pre-workout. Didn't notice any pumps from it. It gave a very slight boost in energy and focus which lasted for around 20 minutes. After not feeling very much using it pre-workout I tried using as just an energy booster when I feel tired. It worked ok for this but like I said not much of a boost at all. I continued to just use it as a general pick me up and went up to 2 scoops. Don't know what else to say about it.
  2. 4/5

    From the log I did for the Pump

    I can't say enough good things about the Pump, great tasting, great pumps and crazy good focus. I never felt over stimmed which is a good thing, although I wish I would have gotten some of the tingles from taking it. If I had to put a number on the ErgoPump I'd give it a 9/10. Best tasting supp I've had, the fruit punch is amazing. I would highly reccomend this product to anyone looking for a good pump and tunnel vision like no other. Energy was pretty great as well.
  3. 3/5

    Just completed a tub of ErgoPump today. After 40 workouts (spread across a couple of months because I rotate PWO's) I can confidently log some details on this PWO.

    Mixability: 5/5
    Taste: 4/5 Mild taste.
    Effectiveness: 3/5 This is not a hardcore PWO, it gives a nice quiet energy level for those quieter workouts.
    Price: 3/5 Priced about the same as other PWO

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