SuperPump Max (1.41 lbs.)
SuperPump Max (1.41 lbs.)



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SuperPump Max (1.41 lbs.)

  1. 3/5

    I like to try different products to see whats out there, and more specifically if there is anything better than what I am currently taking. Prior to taking Super Pump I used Assault as a pre-workout, which I love. Super Pump did not even compare to Assault. Yes, I'll admit I was slightly more focused than if I didn't take a pw, but I wasn't an animal like I am with other sups. My stomach also felt a little uneasy with Super Pump. Overall, I definitely wont be using this product again as it did very little to help me out in the gym.
  2. 4/5

    Thanks to @danielmoo and the Gaspari crew for the chance to review green apple SuperPump Max!

    First off, I like the profile. My favorite 2 PWOs are MST RagNOrok and USP Labs MaxREPS. There are a lot of similarities to RagNOrok in this product.

    I have tried 1, 2, and 3 scoops. For me, this product really shines with a full 3 scoops. I felt the pumps and had plenty of endurance when dosing the full 3 scoops. That said, this means I have to chug 24 ounces pre-workout. Not horrible, but definitely a lot of liquid. The sour apple flavor was tasty, but the aftertaste is a little rough. This might have to do with the sheer number of ingredients in the product. Gaspari has really packed a lot into SuperPump Max. I would definitely recommend chugging it, or mixing with 7-up or something like I've seen others suggest. Just something to cut the aftertaste down a bit.

    Overall, this is a really solid product! I'd put it up there with the best of em, especially for a PWO that doesn't contain DMAA.

  3. Thank you for throwing up this review. I was bummed to hear that you were experiencing an aftertaste with the Sour Apple Candy, but glad you like it overall. It is a really good pre workout that can hold its own in the market with all these high-stim pres. I'm happy that we could get you out a tub!
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