Picamilon 150 (90 caps)
Picamilon 150 (90 caps)


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Picamilon 150 (90 caps)

  1. 4/5

    Started 150 mg of picamilon yesterday, taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Can definitely feel a shift in overall cognition that is hard to put a finger on. Initially, there is a notable sense of relaxation in both mind and muscle. After several hours, mental energy ramps up while still retaining a calm state. So far, this has been quite pleasant although it was a bit difficult to get to sleep last night. I did however sleep soundly.

    Today's dose feels a little different. Less heavy relaxation and more mental energy/clarity. I will update this review as I go along..if I can find it again.

  2. Subsequent doses had the same overall effect. Hard to get to sleep, but sleep deeply once I do. Like being on ALCAR, I seem to need less sleep but no racing mind. During the day, I feel alert, calm, and relaxed. It's pleasant.

    Took today off from picamilon with no negatives, withdrawal, or fatigue.

  3. Thanks for updating.

  4. Update: 150 mg Picamilon stacked with 300mg of Alpha GPC/300 mg Phosphatidyl Serine (Doctor's Best, Brain Enhancers) is one smooth ride. Very alert, focused, and very calm..hard to describe but makes for some great productivity. Had to re-do a database full of numbers, abbreviations and UTM coordinates which I flew through with ease.

  5. Is it an anxiolytic effect primarily from the pica or more of a productive ready to ho type of feeling? Alpha gpc often gives me the latter. Comparable to phenibut at all? I will definitely be trying this, just like your ongoing feedback.

  6. I'd say its very similar to Alpha GPC in that it is calming, yet not stupefying and energizing. I have plenty of motivation, most days, and there seems to be a nice boost in alertness...just not the stimulated sort of alertness I am used to. Its a rather novel sensation and like I said before, pleasant.

    I find phenibut to have a sort of de-motivating relaxation, so pica is pretty different. I can take phenibut and go to bed, but I'm pretty sure if I dosed pica in the evening that I would not sleep much at all. I only take the pica in the AM on an empty stomach. I've read lots of reviews about insomnia related to taking it after noon or so.

    Im still continuing to vary doses and ingredients every few days and have added Aniracetam back into my mix. So far, the combo works nicely and I have been productive, alert/energized, AND in a good mood..which is like finding the holy grail of noot stacks for me. I have started to dose the alpha gpc EOD to see if that would reduce the sleep disturbances and it has worked. I probably need to find a lower dose alpha gpc product or go back to ordering bulk from BAC.

  7. Again thanks for the continuous update. I have some sns pica on the way, and your experiences are giving me something to go on. Not a lot of feedback out there. I also have some centrophenoxine (which I am a huge fan) and phosphatidylserine which I plan on incorporating. Might throw a racetam in the mix down the line as well.

  8. Cool. Feel free to post your experiences. Noots are so highly variable in people that its good to compare as many notes as possible.


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