Leucine (500 grams)
Leucine (500 grams)


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Leucine (500 grams)

  1. 5/5

    doesn't taste very good (which means it's pure) but works fantastic!
  2. 5/5

    This is a great supplement that many of us use and may not get enough of. There are many write ups about on line, but the most important to me, It is the only dietary amino acid with the capacity to directly stimulate muscle protein synthesis and exerts anti-catabolic. that is a good thing,

    taste- 5/5 - use some Gatorade if needed, its very tolerable
    cost 5/5- great price for 500 g's
    effect- been using first thing in the am, pre and post. felt a little sluggish before starting this and seems to be helping
    mix-3/5- listen guys this powder is like sugar powder, very fine. it wont clump but will float. its not a huge thing, but just give it a few shakes youll be ok. I haven't used a mixer with protein but that will also help.

    just a heads up on this- if you can, leave the scoop in a separate place, not in the container. When you open this lid and have to dig around, the powder will stick to your fingers or whatever you will use to get it out. that becomes a waste, so just look for that.

    other than that, great sup from SNS

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