Agmatine (90 capsules)
Agmatine (90 capsules)



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Agmatine (90 Capsules)

  1. Really like this product!! Great pump and good lifts!!
  2. 5/5

    Most people take this product for the pumps even though it has numerous benefits. I did not get any noticeable benefit in terms of pumps, but I must say that I am basically a non-responder when using any kind of NO/pump product. So it's difficult for me to accurately rate the product on this.

    I did, however, notice much improved sleep during the 3 days I used this product. I slept deeper and din't wake up any during that night.

    Many people will probably get a pump on this product, as well as the other health benefits, so I would recommend giving this a try.

  3. Nomz hooked me up with a sample packet, which I greatly appreciate.

    The only other supplement I've taken with agmatine is hemavol which only has 500mg in it.

    Today was my OHP day with 5/3/1 and hit up a few singles, DB press, close grip, and 10 sets of pullups. I woke up and took 500mg and took 1,000mg and 200mg bulk caffeine with a high carb prewo meal. My morning dose gave me a slight sense of well-being.

    I wasnt looking in a mirror at all for my first sets until I went to hit up DB press as noticed how much more "capped" my shoulders appeared. Throughout the rest of the workout I had a sustained pump and some increased hardness. Normally the pumped feeling I get eventually wears off after 45 minutes, but this one stuck around. I had a great workout and im still feeling some of the "fullness" it gave me.

    My rating..5/5, it did what it's supposed to do. I'll be pickin up a bottle here sometime
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  4. 2/5

    Agmatine is kind of a hit or miss supplement for me in terms of pumps, sometimes I get none and other times they are decent. It offers so many other benefits though. However some brands seem to have better raws than others. SNS has been the weakest ones so far, 1g of SNS agmatine doesn't give the same results as 1g of other brands.

  5. To above statement^^^^ I can understand you not responding well to it.but I have used many different brands and SNS was as good and better than most I've used!But as we all know,some people don't react the same as others!
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  6. ^^^ yeah i'm not sure, i took a powder product with agmatine, it was a bottle of sns and i had a few good days but overall nothing to great....not another brands for free and it was still spotty but the pumps were better for me personally

    i know i'm in the minority here when it comes to it, but in the reviews all i can share is my experiences
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  7. 3/5

    I have to agree with JXN. I was hit or miss with this product. I seemed to get a good pump when I took this in tandem with a PWO but by itself didn't see too much of a benefit.

    I appreciate the opportunity to try this product. I believe in honest reviews and please remember
    that my results are not always indicative of what others will experience.

  8. I personally feel agmatine is best used pre high carb meals
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  9. 4/5

    I would just like to thank Mack for getting out the sample to me, first of all. Definitely a solid product. noticed increased vascularity even 12 hours after ingestion. got a good pump out of it as well, even tho i don't even always notice the pump unless i'm doing certain exercises. Overall, I was satisfied. I only gave it 4 stars because i think my expectations were a little high as far as feeling the pump, but that's probably more of a personal problem. anyway, i was really impressed with the vascularity and muscle fullness, and i would and will purchase this product.


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