SNS is known for their top quality products. SNS Green Tea Ultra has a very high extract at 90% for their polyphenols.

Green Tea Extract has a host of health benefits. What you want to look for is the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG composes most of the catechin amount at 10-50%. It is speculated that this is also the most powerful catechin.

Some of the other common benefits of Green Tea Extract include: general antioxidant, stimulant, antilipidemic, and antiatherosclerotic. It has also been shown to reduce certain types of cancer and shown to help aid in cognitive function.

Fat oxidation and the LDL-cholesterol lowering factors were the most studied and efficacious of the many notable benefits.

Even with these important health benefits, many people in the bodybuilding and exercise industry can benefit from the fat loss, enhance immune function, and increase in performance benefits.

I wrote an article on it with references that can be viewed on this forum here: Which Health Claims are Actually Supported with Green Tea Extract