Had this along with OEP for 8 weeks, results of the first 4 weeks were as follows (After the other 4 weeks lean body mass was kept, I just cut more to 125.6lbs and got shredded)

Up so far today was 50% of the cycle , again , maniac diet of carb cycling and loads of cardio.

So far in 4 weeks:

Alpha t2
Iso 100 (banana yum...)
On Casein
Compound 20 (Have had the best results on this...im not kidding)

I have gone from:


Starting BF:
By 3 avarages: 12.2%

Body fat atm:
By 3 avarages: 7.8%

Goal: Getting greedy , i wanna get to 6.5%

Did shred up more, here's a link of the review:
8 week cut! Erase+Oxy Elite Pro+Alpha T2html