RPG IBCAA (50 servings)
RPG IBCAA (50 servings)


Millennium Sport Technologies

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RPG IBCAA (50 servings)

  1. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Flavor / Taste

    Green Apple was fantastic, from start to finish this product was great. While it mix's up on the clear side do not let it fool you for taste. This is more of a Sour Apple tasting flavor which is great. I am an apple lover and this hit the spot. I found even if i varied my water intake with 1 scoop i never had a problem finding it to taste great. Great job at MST here


    Besides a bit of foamy and a bit of particles this mixed pretty well. I would say an 8/10. Even if i mixed it the night before it would still foam up a bit when shaking it a bit. No worry though. Good product.


    Workout Days:

    Since I mostly Train Fasted upon waking I will be dosing 1 scoop pre-workout and 1 scoop intra-workout to provide the best of both worlds as EAA’s have been shown to be superior intra-workout from PubMed Research.

    On Non-Workout Days:
    1 scoop between meals spaced 4-6 hours apart
    I will dose between meals as suggested above as Layne Norton also shows in his Muscle Protein Synthesis PDF/Power point Below:


    Layne Norton PhD on protein: how much and how often? - Spot Me Bro


    I really like how MST has a 2:1:1 BCAA Blend (Which is the most studied on the market) and also an EAA Complex combining for 6g total in the formula with 2.5g Glutamine (which is also considered a BCAA) But does not really show much benefit regarding performance/endurance/recovery. The additional NAC/Orotic Acid in the recovery matrix is an interesting addition to a pre/intra workout product that I really look forward to gauging in my workouts. Not to mention this product is 100% Ajipure the purest forms of BCAA’s which is a major bonus and plus to utilizing this product. MST is using top notch raw materials and putting out a spectacular product.

    Recovery / DOMS / Workout Reactions

    Very visible once i got a few workouts in. My calories have not changed all log even though my weight has bounced around a few pounds, overall I got leaner, my workouts improved, and strength rose overall. I cannot complain about that. Hitting Pr's of 120's x 8 on DB rows, 365 x 8 on Squat, 275 x 12 on Bench. I am very pleased with my effort in the gym, my overall increase in recovery from a day to day basis on grueling workouts and the change in mesocycle. Even traveling and with a lack of sleep i still busted out great workout sessions on the RPG I Bcaa. A great BCAA/EAA Blend that does not get a lot of recognition. I would have to say this is a great product that I would reccomend to others.
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    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  2. Thanks again for the review!
  3. 4/5

    Flavor: 4/5
    Berry Lemonade isn't terrible but anything less than 8oz and you will have a hard time downing it. I found 12-16 my ideal water amount and a little ice makes it pretty darn tasty. Overall not bad but could be better in comparison to what is already out here.

    Price: 5/5
    Bought on sale and even picked up a few other goodies for a VERY reasonable and respectable amount.

    Value: 5/5
    For the regular price and a 50 serving tub, this stuff rocks. I couldn't have been happier once you look at everything you get included and covers quite a few bases.

    Overall: 4/5
    Product dissolves well only a light bit of anything leftover and I shake, blend, and sadly have even taken a scoop to the head lol. I think its by far the best with ICE! I wouldn't get hung up on the taste as I have seriously had much...much worse and everyone has a shaker bottle by now. I would not only recommend this product but I would even buy it as a gift for a friend. Honestly good stuff here and hope to try the other flavors in the near future.
  4. 5/5

    flavor / Taste

    Bubba Punch- 4/5
    Great job with masking the taste. Anyone who has taken at least 5 of the ingredients knows this isnt a easy task.
    Does this taste like fruit punch? To a degree, not too sweet or to bland. It goes down pretty easy, no gagging to get it down and the after taste isnt too bad


    i used a shaker cup and a gatorade bottle- i use both when i try a new supp because you never know if your blender will break.
    using either method worked just fine

    1 scoop on workout days

    using this for over 2 weeks and i feel better after working out and have energy throughout the day. does a great job replenishing your body after a good workout.

    i have used bcaa's before but i prefer this blend because of how i feel after the workout. MST took bcaa's to the next level.

    if i could change anything, it would be to add more Leucine- it has 2.5 per serving; i prefer 5. that is me and me being picky.

    i would recommend this

    if i had to pay full price, i would but i and you can use the promo code to save a good % off the full price.

    great job MST


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