Quicker Digestion: I noticed very quickly that my stomach felt emptier alot quicker then normal.
This was especially noticable at night before bed and I had no problem getting in a big protein
shake on top of dinner

Better Digestion: I had way less bloat and gas while on EnzyM and my stomach was flatter because of it.

Improved Recovery Times: After a couple weeks, I definitely noticed that my recovery times had improved
and would attribute this to better protein absorption from proper digestion.


None. No sides whatsoever. Only downside is being out of them :)


I got the bottle for free for the lgo, so the value was great. But based on what they cost online,
the value seems good for a months supply.


So far, its the best digestion product that Ive tried to date & would recommend to anyone looking
for better digestion, less bloating, & improved recovery times..!