SLINshot (90 Capsules)
SLINshot (90 Capsules)


Purus Labs

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SLINshot (90 Capsules)

  1. Still just flat out love this stuff! My new favorite GDA and constantly in my nutra cart. I've now added this as a staple and don't think that will change. Almost just seems why would you not use carbs for the right reasons? No stomach irritation of any sort like I often times get while using other products of this type. Even while taking this on off days the veins and pump I would get in my muscles was incredible! Particularly when used in 2-3 pills with a good amount of carbs. A few times I literally looked at my biceps and said holy sh1t! It would be an off day and would look as if I just did arms for an hour! Big thumbs up here too guys!
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  2. Just started taking this myself and im impressed.
    I've tried most gda's and they're good, but slinshot is the only one i get an actual pump from.
    Couldn't figure out why I was so pumped, and to the point it hurt and then it dawned on me.

    And to think i was only shopping. I'm yet to test it long term, but so far all indicators say it's good.
  3. 5/5

    Look no farther for a good GDA/partitioner. The product's extract is clinically proven (look for the Russian taragon write-ups) and I know where it can be had for VERY cheap, almost $10 less than our favorite Planet. But that's my secret!

  4. Great review guys. I always have some around.
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  5. I purchased Slinshot about a month ago and couldn't be happier. Taken prior to a big carb meal I feel much less bloated and I get some awesome pumps out of no where. I also take one before bed and wake up feeling leaner and very tight. Very happy with slinshot!
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  6. Actually just tried this for the first time about a month ago and wow! I am by no means a "lean" guy at 13-14% body fat and my veins were popping like crazy. muscles felt very full too. Took 2 pills with my pre-workout meal 1 hour before and ocationally took another with my intra carbs. That felt like a knock-out combo for me and felt the difference with the added pill about 1/4 way through the w/o vs not. All in all good stuff for sure. Going to keep using until my local store runs out

  7. This vs glycobol?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Bmac63095 View Post
    This vs glycobol?
    I would buy slinshot

  9. Slinshot has always been on my Fav list. Won't let you down for sure.
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