BullNOX AndroRUSH (35 Servings)
BullNOX AndroRUSH (35 Servings)


Betancourt Nutrition

Price: $34.99

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars, based on 2 total reviews.
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BullNOX AndroRUSH (35 Servings)

  1. 2/5

    30 mins into my workout i experienced a hard crash...lost all energy and focus. was one of my favorite days to train too (push hypertrophy) so it wasnt matter of not wanting to be there.

    from that point i was just going thru the motions and just wanted to finish and get out of the gym. this product definitely fell short on my expectations. and no im not "stimmed out" since i have just got back into using pre-workouts.


  2. I had the opposite effect that you had. Bullnox exceeded my expectations. I got good pump, no crash, and strength increase on it. I think it's better then White Flood, Jack3d, Superpump and many others. I'm gonna take hemo rage soon.
  3. 5/5

    I've been through SEVERAL Pre Work out drinks and have been disappointed by many, this one really caught my attention, I bought it on a whim because the price caught my eye, second of all I checked the ingredients and was captured by every single one of them, had everything you need for a great pre AND post as well as test support (Tesosterone Igniter).

    I Slammed 1 Serving in a 25 OZ's of Water, The Flavor was Awesome (Grape) Took a few Stirs and it was completely mixed.
    I Felt a Slight Change for the better, no blast of stimulants, just the perfect rise of energy/focus/blood flow.. I got to the gym about 45 minutes after my dose and destroyed back, had the perfect pump, concentration, energy/endurance to get through my entire 120 minute routine,

    I felt no crash what so ever, it was a nice suttle return I would say 3-4 hours later to my normal state of mind but I must say the rest of the day I felt a nice pump through my entire body, more mental alertness and better state of mind. I give it a 5 For these reasons;

    1. Price ($30.00)
    2. Every Pre AND Post Workout Ingredient you need
    3. Testosterone Support
    4. Perfect Amount of Mental/Physical Stimulation
    5. Most of all NO CRASH!!

    To this day I have not quite found a better pre work out with all the right amounts of ingredients at just the right doses this product has, Also I am on the hunt for something with a little more kick but no crash as well to be my #1 or #2, Havent felt a kick since my very first PWO Experience in 2009 as I am VERY tolerant to most stimulants and I hate the too much caffeiene feeling after about 300+ MG where I just wanna eat from insulin spike and stop shaking so bad I cant concentrate.. :(
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