Reversitol Regulator V2 (84 caps)
Reversitol Regulator V2 (84 caps)


iForce Nutrition

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Reversitol Regulator V2 (84 caps)

  1. 5 out of 5 rating for Reversitol Regulator V2 (84 caps)

    Well lets lets hit the subject on Reversitol V2, that stuff is a crazy AI any one looking to dry up, Jack up Testosterone production for immediate gains in size and strength, Maximize Joint Health and Libido, along with sick rock hard muscelfullness then this is the product for you! Well enough of the awesomeness and time for some actual real life effects! When I first started Reversitol V2 I took 2 caps AM & 1 cap PM pretty much on a empty stomach, maybe like a few days I did take with food. After about the 3 day I noticed I was more dry with some slight hardness along with some extra bathroom break to pee "personally", just that one encounter + some good libido boost, each day after that I noticed I was more dryer & dryer, hardness was picking up which was just awesome.

    About the second week in things really jump up, I was look leaner & leaner each day but this time hardness was off the chains felt like a brick wall, libido felt like a spidermonkey that just drank a redbull & virgia I was ready for anything!

    Now when the third week apporached I was sooo dry & lean my jaw was dropping I was so excited, pumps also see to have started. More into the third week this is were hardness kinda fluctuated as in some days I was hard some days not, to me it flet like it kinda drop almost like a peak then crashed. but boy was I so wrong.

    Week 4 just started this is were the hardness really shined each and every morning I would wake up really PUMPED & Fully hard for the full day 24/7 felt like a 3000lbs blast door, I also noticed I was more tighter in the chest, bis, and upper back to! Now libido this is were things peak the highest for me, I flet like KING KONG on vigra Not to mention I had BABE RTUTH in my pants hitting home runs if you know what I mean, Ha.

    So Here what you can expect out of this product.

    Libido Jacked Up
    Better daily mood
    better Testosterone + free Testosterone
    Some tightness
    Some strength gains
    Leaning out

  2. Good review man!
  3. 4/5

    had some nice leaner and libido was much improved.

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