Profile: 3.5/5
Sterol Complex has an exhaustive 35 active ingredients packed in 6 massive tablets per serving. The only problem I have with this supplement is it's a proprietary blend. We do not know at what dosage each of the ingredients are packed with.

Performance: 4.5/5

This is a great natty supplement to use to bring up your strength. I am still on my 2nd bottle and my strength gains are noticeable. The 1st week is going to be a drag because quite a few (me included) had lethargy for about 10days. The product kicks in and delivers it's promise post that.

Bench from 225lbs to 270lbs. This could also be because I am on a lean bulk. Anyhow, I think SC has helped boost my strength faster than I anticipated.

Muscle Fullness:
You will experience a greater muscle fullness on this guaranteed. While on the 4th week of SC, my wife asked if I was on steroids because my arms looked bigger. lol

Nothing on the pumps.

Overall- 4/5
I would definitely recommend this. For the price $24, which is $0.80/ serving, you're getting a good natty supplement which delivers.