Swole Stack (1 TestoPRO + 1 Glycobol + 1 Stoked)
Swole Stack (1 TestoPRO + 1 Glycobol + 1 Stoked)


AI Sports

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Swole Stack (1 TestoPRO + 1 Glycobol + 1 Stoked)

  1. 4 out of 5 rating for Swole Stack (1 TestoPRO + 1 Glycobol + 1 Stoked)

    Ran the Swole Stack and the results were are as follows:

    What were my goals?

    -Increase LBM

    -Increase Strength of my lifts

    -Stay Lean

    Now as for the first aspect, the increase in LBM: I did put on weight this past weeks, went up to a maximum weight of 138.6lbs holding a lot of water , once the water and initial bloat was out of the question and some of my definition returned I was at a solid 133.4 lbs, which is a lot higher than the 127.6 I started at, true some of it was fat, but with anything natural and without "Dark Side" enhancements as I like to call it, it is normal and our goal, as for natty people that is , is to keep this Fat Gain at a minimum so that we can maximize our gains in LBM under the premise that a "Leaner body is a more Anabolic body" , I was running high kCals most of the stack being it 2800 on workout days and 2000 on rest days, so for LBM I do give this an 8/10 Being that it could have helped a tad bit more at 2 caps a day of each of the Testosterone Boosting components of the stack (TestoPRO/Stoked) , I would have given it a higher grade , but since I did bump up the dose to 3 caps of each a day , I found out recovery was way better and that feeling of fullness was just bigger at those dosages , but dosing 3 a day shortens the lifetime of the stack quite a lot.

    -Getting Stronger...now here the stack shone: Since I started timing my Glycobol doses and upped to 3 caps a day , my lifts have just been going up, best way IMO to dose Glycobol is around 30-45 mins before a meal on an empty stomach , but again , being a normal guy who eats a lot of carbs (and just found out handles them pretty well...) Glycobol has to be elevated at certain dosages if you are gonna follow LeanGains protocols for meals, since I would usually have 150-200g of carbs on my first meal , I would have to have around 3 Glycobols for that awesome pump and full feeling, and then other 2 on an empty stomach before my last meal with around 100-150g of carbs, but in the strength department I can not give this stack less than 9/10. Reason for the 9 being that most of my lifts went up by at least 15 lbs and deadlift I'm pretty sure by more seeing how I am pretty confident I will break my 225 (that I hit here with this stack contrary to a 205 I had) PR by at least 10-15 lbs come next 5/3/1 day.

    -Staying lean was the hard part...: Now while I do know this is normal with natural "lean" bulking , fat is always the enemy haha , I really thought the stack would really pull through with me here, I did go up a bit in fat and felt a bit of high water retention at the beginning and almost throughout the whole stack, yet I did not mind it much , but again this is NOT a stack to keep you as lean as possible throughout a whole bulk BY ITSELF , yet I think with the 3 caps a day of TestoPRO/Stoked , it did do a fair good job , for that (and forgive the blunt honesty) I give it a 8/10.

    Final thoughts , this is a GREAT Stack for anyone looking to commit to a CLEAN Diet and put on a LOT of effort at the gym , it is totally worth it noting that Glycobol will help you eat more carbs and thus have more power, without worring about stomach-ache-bloating after eating that much, this stack I think , yields PURE mass , not really LEAN mass , but certainly it will move the scale A LOT faster than other stacks out there , and you can always cut out later!! If you are committed I would definitely recommend this stack for use , and also for real size gains , specially it helped me after being a literal human beanpole for cutting so much and I did need some mass back in me.

    Final review Grade: 8.4/10

    Again this are just my honest thoughts and does not mean in any way that I am not thankful for the chance I was given , my biggest thanks to AI Sports Nutrition for this ride , it was fun and worth it completely! Thanks to Nathan for trusting me with this stack, and my friends , thanks for riding along with me in this journey of weeks and in my quest to become a bigger, stronger builder like you all :).
  2. 5 out of 5 rating for Swole Stack (1 TestoPRO + 1 Glycobol + 1 Stoked)

    Final Review

    Let me start by saying I really enjoyed my run with this stack. This review is not sponsored I’ve wanted to try these products and have use other AI Sports products and enjoyed them. I wanted to post an honest review for those who may be thinking of running this stack. Let’s get started!!!

    Glycobol: 9/10 this was one of my favorite!! I notice a thinning effect after 3 days of dosing… My diet was in check and carbs where low and I could feel it working. I dosed it 2 with breakfast and 2 with dinner a Half hour before. You would feel a pump after eating which was cool. On cheat meals I would feel no bloat. Definitely going to run again.

    Recoverpro: 9/10 I love the taste of the lemon flavor!!! I would drink this post workout and found myself looking forward to drinking it. BCAA’s are a staple for me so I will continue to purchase this as well. I did have some issues mixing it but it tastes so good who cares!!

    Testpro/ Stoked: 7/10 I have taken a few other supplements similar to these 2 in the past so I have good comparison. I did enjoy them as I was able to gain muscle on a cut with only around 2,000 calories a day. They did work, just not as strong as others I have used. I would not use them as a PCT from a PH cycle but as a bridge between they would be great.

    Final States and Pic’s:Final weight 220 lost 3.5 pounds!

    Link to my full log: BCAZO Logs- Swole Stack, DAA, LCLT, Agmatine & Recoverpro

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