Magnesium Creatine Chelate (240 caps)
Magnesium Creatine Chelate (240 caps)


Serious Nutrition Solutions

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Magnesium Creatine Chelate (240 caps)

  1. 4/5

    OK guys here is my review on Serious Nutrition Solutions New
    Magnesium Creatine Chelate.
    I got this and the agmatine at the same time I just happen to run out of the Agmatine first.

    Well What is this creatine?
    Its SUPPOSED to be a more Bioavailable Creatine. It contains a Patented ingredient from Albion labs called Creatine Magnepower. It has shown in studies to help improve exercise performance, allow athletes to reach exhaustion later in their routines, and to produce significant strength gains in as little as 2 weeks!
    Magnesium Creatine Chelate is highly bioavailable, and offers protection from the digestive tract. Protection from breakdown in the digestive tract is very important with creatine supplementation because it makes more creatine available to the muscle cells.

    Magnesium Creatine Chelate is fully reacted magnesium and creatine chelate. On its own, Magnesium is essential for over 300 bodily functions, and has been shown to enhance strength, energy, and endurance levels. The most important aspect of magnesium in relation to this product is that creatine requires magnesium for its maximum conversion to ATP. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the source of energy for muscle cells and is required for all cellular functions.
    ( copied from their site )
    Effective faster than most
    Reduce water retention
    No stomach issues
    Increase strength and mass.
    No loading.
    weird dosing

    Taste : NA
    Pretty cool little green and white pills. No burbs , No taste, Easy to take

    Dosing : 6-7
    It says 3 twice a day but yet not that simple. It says On workout days, take one serving approximately 45 minutes prior to working out and the other serving spaced out 8 to 12 hours apart, preferably with a meal. On non-training days, take two servings spaced out 8 to 12 hours apart, preferably with meals.
    Now this is not how I did because I workout at night and im not getting up in the middle of night to take more. I simply either did a AM dose and then a PM dose , Or dosed pre workout and then Post workout. I actually liked that best.
    I got some really great additions to my pumps by doing that.

    Effectiveness 8-9
    I loved I didnt have to load this, I loved the little to no water retention also.
    I was seeing a more pumped and full look the longer I was on this too.
    I have never took this type of creatine before and I think its the same kind that is in green mag. ( I think ). Also taking this along with the Agmatine my pumps seemed to last way longer than ever before. I think one could use this one for bulk or cut I never gained a BLOAT look while taking this.
    My strength was going up from about day 4 on this. Yes that could be placebo effect but still note worthy. I just simple felt stronger while taking this too.

    Value 7-8
    On SNS site they have the 240 caps for 43.95 and taking that at 6 per day that 40 days at 1.09 per day, I did find on NP 500 pills for 34 bucks which would be 80+ days at .40 cents per day. So there are some really great deals on this. I Think I will invest in this later on myself. I do want to try Green mag first though.

    Overall 8
    I think I may have found my new creatine to hold up to what I get from Kre-alklyn .
    I really liked the longer lasting fuller look I had on this.
    I had no stomach issues on this either. No bloat , no holding water. All in all A very good product.

  2. Solid review thank you. I'm about to begin this for 60 days in Jan... About how long did it take for your pumps/fullness to return to normal after stopping use?
    Owner; Human Performance Science (HPS)

  3. I am not sure but honestly I didnt gain much water retention so the pumps actually stayed around longer than I thought they would.
    Here is my log

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bigguyn10ec
    I am not sure but honestly I didnt gain much water retention so the pumps actually stayed around longer than I thought they would.
    Yea that's key for me.. I haven't used any creatine since I was like in hs in 2004.. Lol and it was cell tech loading w sugar haha so I BLEW up and have been afraid ever since.. Finally gonna give this a go since all the reviews r saying no water retention!
    Owner; Human Performance Science (HPS)


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