GHenerate (4 oz)
GHenerate (4 oz)


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GHenerate (4 oz)

  1. 5/5

    GHenerate Full Review

    Lets get down to it!

    -WOW, its been a rough couple of years.....the Doc' couldn't help me.....ive done a considerable amount of research on supplementation for falling / staying asleep.....calming down the nervous system...YOU NAME IT. GHenerate always ensures a DEEP restful night for me, ALWAYS. This is HUGE, and is why it will be a staple in my supplementation arsenal for life.
    -What does getting a deep restful night do for you?
    *Enhances GH production during sleep
    *Ensures less cortisol output during the day
    *A much more "anabolic effect" during training
    *Insulin Sensitivity enhanced!
    *Better Mood!
    *Better sex drive

    -I like to call the effect......"Insta-Euphoric-Mood".....literally within seconds of swallowing this compound, you will be set in a good mood, how important is this?
    *Crucial during training (for optimal performance, enhancing certain nerutransmitters during training is key! Like Dopamine!)
    *Dominating a conversation with a hot women (SERIOUSLY.) If acetylcholine and dopamine levels are down, especially during a "pressured" situation, your done, your going to embarrass yourself, your destroyed, GOOD BYE.
    *In all seriousness, it could be handling a conversation with a hog women, taking the last shot in a basketball game or even if you have speech to give in front of tons of people, having a "good" mood is crucial.
    *Enjoying a high quality life!
    *Less Stress

    -This is determined by how you train honestly. I tend to say this for all my reviews for this specific, lemme give ya'll a little run down on a good recipe for size.
    1)Force 2)Volume 3)Rest Periods 4)Tempo 5)Energy Surplus 6)Make sure cortisol levels are not elevated 7)Fatigue Work(iso holds, drop sets, 30-60+ second eccentrics, etc...)
    -But yes, this will help you put on more muscle, GH will ensure you have a faster recovery.

    -Strength sure did went up when using this! (was using Natadrol at the same time, which honestly was problaby the heavy hitter for the strength department)

    Sex Drive
    -Did not notice harder erections like it was advertised
    -Overall sex drive didn't seem to get enhanced (though my life is pretty stressful)

    -5 sprays 3x a day was the typical dose (first thing in morning , pre workout, before bed) (empty stomach, 2 hours away from any carbohydrate consumption)

    -Really did notice a leaning down effect while using this in combination with Natadrol, didn't even do cardio consistently during this period aswell, this is a legit product / combo folks. (weight training was slow paced / low volume aswell)

    Overall 10 out of 10

    My Thoughts?

    -Its affordable. (this is huge, I hope this creates a trend in the supplement industry......great supplements at a very very affordable price)

    Precise supplementation to enhance various hormones, precise training, consistent logical nutrition, patience = BEAST

  2. hey man thanx for the review!
  3. 5/5

    I have used Ghenerate probably 4 times, and it has always been great. Looking back those were some of the strongest times of my lifting career. It works.

  4. Awesome review bro its been a staple for me for about 2 year but I cycle it to try to keep the affect going but this time its been crazy for me sleep and energy all day I feel wide awake plus the morning woodsy almost hurt
  5. 5/5

    I have used this product off and on for about 4 months. It does exactly what it claims. It taste great. Its easy to use. Its cheap. It gives you gains. Simple and to the point. THIS STUFF WORKS! Get you some.
  6. 4/5

    I took this a long time ago. Maybe 3-4 years. Had great sleep while on it. Taste was pleasant. Drowsiness/relaxing effect was noticeable. Also remember getting it very cheap so was a good value. Decent product for sleep benefits.
  7. 5/5



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