JACK3D (Jacked 45 servings)
JACK3D (Jacked 45 servings)



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JACK3D (Jacked 45 servings)

  1. 5/5

    This is the pre workout that I judge all others against. Never lost it effect even after months of use. Can't wait to try the new .

  2. Great prelift when you body gets use to it up the dose it always got me good pumps energy focus when I got to the gym I knew what had to be done after taking this great supplement.

  3. Decent energy and vascularity but felt very bloated. Would rate this a 3.5/5

  4. I used to go home after a 2 hour workout on jacked and pass out for hours. Can't deny the pumps it gives though

  5. I used jack3d for a month and at first I loved it! It gave me amazing energy my weights were going up and my mental focus was ridiculous. I felt like the guy off of limitless. But sadly after 2 weeks I slowly felt the effects go away. After consulting with a few friends who've taken jack3d before me they told me they went through the same exact thing. So I started to do 1 1/2 scoops when I used my jack3d (note I started at 1/2 a scoop since when I first started it was to potent for me but soon jumped to 1 cup.) by the end of my jack3d I was taking nearly 3 scoops for every workout and hardly ever receiving the same desired effect. I loved it when it worked but I hated the tolerance build up. So for now I'm taking a month off from pre workout like you should and just hoping that if I do end up getting more jack3d my tolerance doesn't build up as quickly. But I never noticed any negative side effects, no crash, or anything along those lines subtracting the tolerance build up.

  6. It's always gave me the boost I needed!! Good strong product!! I recommend it!!
  7. 3/5

    This stuff is pretty strong and that's about it for me. I never went over 1.5 scoops and almost always was jittery/cracked out. I think I don't react too well to the Yohimbe in it. I never felt super focused on it like some other products. If you're just looking for crazy energy that will last, then this is for you. Personally I want more from a preworkout.

  8. 3 scoops is my sweet spot with this stuff
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  9. 5/5

    I loved the OG version. My favorite PWO of all time. It as responsible for turning me into a PWO-junkie. But the newest version sucks IMO. RIP the best PWO ever.
  10. 4/5

    I really loved jacked. The 1,3 gave me that great focus that only jacked and the old craze could give. Onlu downside will be the kidney pressure after a couple of weeks at two scoops a day, but maybe thats just me.. would gladly buy this again, but limit the use for 2-3 days a week.


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