Testabolan V2 Review

libido (5/10)
Its really hard to say. I had a fairly healthy libido before Starting Testabolan. It

Strength (10/10)
Increase in strength started end of first week and shot up since. All around increase in power. It really made a difference in muscle groups that where lacking. Felt fairly stronger and hit a few PR's with chest and arms, but i have always done well there. Leg curls, dead lifts and squats all went up dramatically.

Endurance + Recovery (8/10)
Noticeable improvement.

Taste (7/10)
I know its a pill, it has no taste going down. But when you burp....you do taste it! Strong Herbal not so great.

Dosing (10/10)
2am / 2pm, with a big meal! Fah'getaBoutIt !! I don't have to starve my self to death before i got to bed, I can start my day with scrabbled eggs , turkey bacon, hash, toast, Coffee!
Common now. Why would you take other products that require you to go a 2hr between meals? I eat every 2hr!

Overall (8/10)

Note: Will be included in my next PCT. For strength recovery.