TTA-500 (120 caps)
TTA-500 (120 caps)


Serious Nutrition Solutions

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TTA-500 (120 caps)

  1. Let's get some reviews in here!

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Let's get some reviews in here!
    Can you provide a quick overview of what TTA-500 will do or bring?

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    Can you provide a quick overview of what TTA-500 will do or bring?

    It is stim free fat loss. Here is a description,

    TTA Caps by SNS:

    PPAR Antagonist; Stimulant Free Fat Loss Agent!

    TTA-500 can be cost effectively incorporated into fat loss, lean bulking, or body recomposition regimens.
    TTA-500 contains 500 mg of Tetradecylthioacetic Acid (TTA) per capsule. TTA is commonly used to help aid in fat loss and body recomposition.
    TTA-500 is stimulant free & can be used as a stand alone, or can be combined with other SYN-30, RK-125, or select other fat loss products.
    Each bottle provides a one to two month supply of TTA (depending on individual dosage).
    A unique feature of TTA-500 is the addition of a 225 mg Electrolyte Support Complex in each capsule. This helps ensure that TTA-500 does not lead to the bloating and cramping that may affect some users of TTA containing products.

    In simplest terms, Tetradecylthioacetic Acid (TTA) is a fatty acid that can help burn body-fat.

    Further Elaboration:

    TTA is a PPAR antagonist. PPAR stands for Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors. PPAR’s are a group of transcription factors (proteins that transcribe genetic information from DNA to RNA) that play key roles in cell development, glucose metabolism, and metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.

    There are different types of PPAR’s, but TTA relates to PPAR-alpha. The liver is the main site in which fatty acids are burnt as energy or stored dependant upon calorie intake and energy expenditure. When in a fasting state, the body generally switches from using carbohydrate and fats as an energy source to mainly fat. Fatty acids are released from adipocytes (the cells that primarily compose adipose tissue). These fatty acids are then either restored in adipocytes, go to cardiac and skeletal muscle to be burned as energy, or are broken down through beta oxidization to form ketones. PPAR-alpha mediates the genes that control fatty acid uptake, beta oxidization, and gamma oxidization – which are upregulated when in a fasting state. Therefore, with TTA being a PPAR-alpha antagonist, it activates these receptors allowing you to receive these benefits while in a fed state as well. PPAR-alpha also helps inhibit triglyceride hydrolysis, which further enhances lipid oxidization.

    TTA also helps increase mitochondrial activity, which in itself provides numerous benefits. Mitochondria proteins function mainly to produce ATP (ATP transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism).By enhancing mitochondria protein function, the body burns more ‘fuel’, which translates into fat loss. The more fat that someone is carrying, the more inhibition of mitochondrial function they generally have.

    TTA also enhances mitochondrial oxidative capacity. There is a strong link between insulin resistance and the reduction of glucose oxidization in the mitochondria and the subsequent build up for glycolysis byproducts.

    TTA also helps in reducing free fatty acids and triglyceride levels.

    TTA-500 can be stacked with SYN-30, RK-125, or other select Serious Nutrition Solutions products for increased results.*

  5. Thanks T-Bone

    9/24/2014 currently has a pretty awesome deal. Don't know how long it will run.

    TTA-500 & FREE RK-500 Xtreme (LIMITED TIME) - $21.95


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