NO Shotgun MHF-1 (644 g)
NO Shotgun MHF-1 (644 g)


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NO Shotgun MHF-1 (644 g)

  1. 5/5

    Have used this preworkout heaps of times because it gives great focus and concentration and muscle fullness, its not jittery and energy is prolonged and reduces slowly and no crash. i like it

  2. I second that, this product is old school and still keeps up with the new stuff. Only thing I always wondered about was how the heck the original formula had 20g of protein but -3 cal.? WTF, lmfao. Probably because it had the original REDLINE formula in it.
  3. 5/5

    I really enjoyed this product. Although the Nutritional facts is very misleading, labeling a majority of the ingredients as protein, it is rather effective. the "claims" on the bottle are a little misleading unless you read into the clinical study...basically it states that while on it you can increase your bench by 1067%....this is not to say from 200 --> 2000lb bench...more so 200 x 1 rep to 200 x 10 reps. that is what it was referring to...anyways onto the review

    the stims on it were rather mild...about 100-150mg caffeine per scoop. the scoop size was pretty decent and yes it does froth up when you mix it up or stir it. its not a game changer for me, you just let the foam settle down and put it back. the taste (fruit punch) was flavorful and not overwhelming. the stims would hit me about 20-30 minutes after consumption (mornings on an empty stomach).

    I did stack this with the NO synthesize but ended up using the Synthesize as my cardio preworkout since it does not contain caffeine and it worked out wonderfully.

    the vascularity I got from this was intense. Not as much of a "pump" product to the point where it hurts to flex, but the vascularity is what sold me on the product. I am naturally a veiny kid but this had even the deepest of veins bulging out of my forearms, chest, shoulders and arms. Hulk-like...without the green tint.

    the crash was pretty much non-existent. since it does not contain that much caffeine to begin with, its easy to use throughout the day. I did enjoy the addition of hordenine, which has been shown to lessen one's adaptation to stimulants...hence it only took 1 scoop each time to get the desired tunnel vision and mental clarity.

    The tub is misleadingly large for the amount of powder you get...literally half the container is air.

    would recommend if you are looking for a decent preworkout and are stim sensitive. Don't expect a caffeine high from this, its not meant for that (look into VPX Friction for that...literally 375mg of caffeine in that which would make me keel over).
  4. 5/5

    NO SHOTGUN was my favorite and only pre workout from 2008 to 2010. Energy was ALWAYS there, hit me like a baseball bat to the face and I loved it every time! I tried every flavor out there and they were all delicious! Mixes very well, never leaves any residues at the end in the shaker.
  5. 5/5

    If you want to be stimmed out of your mind, then this is for you! You will go crazy in the weight room. Price per serving is a little high but you get a serving of whey with it, so it's actually a pretty good value. Plus, I can tell it raises my test from other side effects :)

  6. I liked it but for regular use I wouldn't buy it (unless stacking with synthesize) I didn't like it's smell and after taking it game me strange odor as for effectiveness there are much better no donors (although without protein)

  7. I Used This Currently and am very happy with it. Good Energy, No Jitters and Taste Great !!


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