Green Magnitude Sample (1 packet)
Green Magnitude Sample (1 packet)


Controlled Labs

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Green Magnitude Sample (1 packet)

  1. 4/5

    Profile is solid. Taste isn't the worst thing to ever cross my tongue. I only had 1 sample so it's hard to judge more than that. However, everything I've ever had from Controlled is a great product!
  2. 5/5

    Great profile, mixes well, no residues and tastes good! A+ in my book.
  3. 4/5

    got a sample packet of this which was 1 serving. i added it to the last 8 oz of purple wraath to have it pre work out, it took over with its sour apple taste, deff easy to get down. No residue, shakes well. Getting a tub and stacking it with the rest of controlled labs products, loved white flood and want a better idea of green mag so im buying a tub right now
  4. 4/5

    Mixability: 5/5 This is by far the best mixing creatine ive ever seen. Absolutely no residue in your mixer.
    Taste: 4/5 Not a big apple fan myself but this wasnt bad. I added about twice as much water as the directions called for and this was better for me.
    Overall: 4/5 It has an odd "dry mouth" effect that kind of causes you to smack your lips/ fiend for water, which is probably a good thing since most people dont drink enough ha. Taste was pretty good, but mixability was the real key here.
  5. 3/5

    Not going to be able to report on anything other than flavor and mixing from a single serving packet. The flavor (Watermelon) had a great taste like a Jolly Rancher hard candy at first, but did have a bit of a bitter after taste. I mixed the packet in approximately 8 oz. of water in a shaker cup. After a few drinks to get the taste effect, I noticed that the last drink was very strong. Upon opening my cup, the powder had not mixed as well as it should have. This could have been my error, but I don't normally have this kind of problem.


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