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  1. 4/5

    I was selected to log this product and tried it in a wide spectrum of situations including flat and ketogenic to carbed back up. The product provided very interesting results in both scenarios both when taken as a stand alone as well as when stacked with other pre workouts.

    Pros: The pump that this product provides lasts for a very long time. Many times I would train full body workouts lasting upwards of 3 hours and the pump would remain for the full workout. On shorter workouts, the effects of the products would still be evident 4 hours after dosing. The vascularity is probably better on Plasmajet than it has been on any other product I have used. This was the common factor that was always present when dosing Plasmajet, even when I was flat and keto. When carbed back up, the pumps sometimes came to the point of downright painful. I routinely do 100 rep sets of occluded leg press at the beginning of a session, and had become accustomed to getting through it with not much problem. The pump from PJ caused me to question whether I could complete the set several times.

    I also feel that this product helped me drastically with hydration, as I could start drinking water ~ 3 hours before a session and still be well hydrated by the time it came around (not common for me).

    The product is low stim, which I feel is perfect for a pump product. It makes the product more versatile in terms of stacking/ using on a low stim week or something. I love the addition of green tea extract, an added bonus that helps fat mobilization. I also did have slightly better endurance when dosing as opposed to not, which could simply be due to the 50mg of caffeine in the product.

    To me, the bottom line is this: this product, when used alone gives a great pump that could rival a good dose of citrulline and agmatine stacked and also includes hydromax. The difference between this product and bulk powders is that this product hits faster and lasts longer. While it is most likely not due to this product, I did get stronger while using PJ, and the low stim content was still plenty for me to get me going to get through the session at hand.

    It is for this reason that I feel PJ would be perfect for a photo shoot/ bodybuilding contest pump up. It would only take me 2-3 for each body part to get a full pump, which would last for several hours, especially if the muscles were to be flexed as if posing. The massive pump in the legs would not matter, as these are not pumped up before a show.

    Cons: The pump may be too strong for those that like to train in a high volume fashion (srs) ie on leg day. The pump eventually gets too big and affects the quality of your working sets. This is completely individual, however. Some enjoy this. Some do not. I am simply listing potential cons of this product. The capsules do smell pretty rough. Finally, some may find the price of the product a bit steep. I would say that you get what you pay for.

    I would like to see a powdered version in the future with a good flavoring system.
    One final note on the pump: PJ seemed to provide a "grainier" type pump when doing heavier sets with lower reps. In my experience, this is the opposite of what other products provide (as the norm was higher reps gave me this with other products). Higher rep sets led to my muscles being pumped so full of fluid that they lost nearly all definition, especially in the legs.

    Overall rating: 4.5/5 The main factor preventing a perfect score is the price, imo. The cheapest I have seen PJ on various sites is ~30 dollars US. This equates to ~.66/ serving. This IS a fair price for what you will get. My final impression is that PJ is a versatile product that I feel would be perfect for a pump up before a shoot/ show. I also feel that it could potentially affect the formulation of several pump products in the future, due to the arginase inhibitors. My experience with the product may not correlate with yours, but seeing as I ran the gamut of testing conditions, and all of them resulted in a relative good pump (in the worst of situations) I would say that anyone could give PJ a shot and not be dissapointed.

  2. Excellent review! Glad to see you had such a good experience with the product.

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a thorough and detailed review on PlasmaJet!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  3. Very nice review, thank you very much!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed PlasmaJet. All the feedback so far has been outstanding. I hope more users give this a shot when searching for a Pump product.

    Gaspari Nutrition Board Representatives Manager
    Head Gaspari Nutrition Representative

  4. Nice review. Everything I've read is getting me excited for the 2 boxes I have coming in the next couple days.
    iForce Nutrition Representative


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