ZMA (90 capsules)
ZMA (90 capsules)



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ZMA (90 Capsules)

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    5 out of 5 rating for ZMA (90 Capsules)

    I take ZMA every day. It's great........................ ........................... ......................
  2. 3/5

    I will say that this does make me sleepy somewhat, but as far as increasing test levels? I'm unsure and I havent felt any difference while taking ZMA....
  3. 5/5

    Its great the benefit cost ratio is awesome and youre con a feel it in the long run but if youre consistent You get the results better hormonal output

  4. Just curious. Do any of you use ZMA with Ca in it?

  5. Zma on empty stomach an hour before bed and casein an hour after the zma...

  6. I used to have trouble sleeping and I heard about ZMA. I took it for a week or so and didnt see any results. I took it faithfully for about a month and now I have the most restful sleep EVER. I fully recommend ZMA and with no risk of that groggy morning feeling you get from sleeping medications.

    Double thumbs up


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