Somnidren-GH (120 grams)
Somnidren-GH (120 grams)


Millennium Sport Technologies

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Somnidren-GH (120 grams)

  1. 3/5

    The taste of the product is pretty good. Ideally, you will let the powder sit under your tongue and let it dissolve. The best way to do this is to empty half the packet into your mouth and then the other half once the first half is dissolved. You could mix it with water, but the directions state the product is better absorbed this method.

    The product itself was very inconsistent and I was able to keep most variables the same throughout the duration. Some nights, I felt very peaceful going to sleep. It has a pretty good calming effect most of the time, but not every time. Some mornings I would wake up feeling refreshed and others not even when sleep was the same. Finally, I did not notice any reduction in waking up in the middle of the night. I did not notice any increase in recovery.

    All in all, I would say this is an average product compared to most of the other supplements out there that promote sleep. I have had better success with other supplements and those have provided me with consistency. I would say to give it a shot, but do not expect the same experience on a nightly basis.

  2. Thanks for the honest review, bro!
    I <3 Carbs

  3. I really liked this product.
    The warm fuzzy feelings you get after dosing are interesting and relaxing, and then it becomes very easy to fall asleep. The sleep you get is quality, as well.
    Another good aspect about Somnidren GH is the flavoring; I personally enjoyed it. The pleasant citrus flavor was welcomed before bed. My favorite way to take it was to dump about half of the packet into my mouth, let it sit for 20-30 seconds, and then wash it down with a few gulps of cold water.
    Another observation I had was that I preferred to only take 4-5 packets a week, mainly only on nights you REALLY needed to get a solid night's sleep like after or before a long day or something, to prevent building a tolerance and it also helped to prolong the life of one box. This method really helped to keep the tangible effects present and keep the accelerated recovery coming.
    I am still sporadically using this product, as mentioned before, mainly on nights that I've had a very long taxing day, or if I am anticipating one on the following day.
    Thank you very much MST for giving me the opportunity to log this, and if I left anything out or anyone has any questions about my experiences with this product, please do not hesitate to let me know.
    Training & everything else log:
  4. 3/5

    I enjoy somnidren, def helps you to relax an wind down quickly to fall asleep.

    taste is pretty good as well. sleep is a key component in getting your gains (or fat loss) so if your sleep isn't as well as it should be, I'd recommend giving this a try.

  5. Thanks, man. Appreciate the review!
    I <3 Carbs
  6. 5/5

    I got this a little different than most products @EMPIREMIND had agreed to log it, but had a strange reaction to it, so he check with the powers that be and pasted it on to me. First off I will say I had no bad reactions and I slept like a baby.

    Taste 2.5/5
    Might as well get the worst first, I did not care for the taste at all, It was not so bad I did not want to drink it, but was not at all enjoyable either.

    Mixability 5/5
    No problems. I used a shaker cup, shook for 30 seconds, no grit, no floaties, no problem !!

    Formula 5/5
    I can't say I am an expert on what makes you sleep better, but I am an expert on sleep, and I enjoyed the deep, restful sleep I got from this product. I am not sure if I have ever used anything containing GABA before, but I think I like it!

    Reaction 5/5
    The Millennium Sport Technologies Somnidren GH did exactly what is was suppose to do, help me get a good nights sleep, waking up relaxed and refreshed. I had no grogginess or hangover and was up and ready to go on waking.

    I have attatched to images from my Vivo Fit

    This is a night of sleep without the Somnidren GH

    Attachment 137223

    This was a night using the Somnidren GH - Note the difference in time of the Deep Sleep

    Attachment 137224

  7. Thanks @Rocket3015

    Yeah, the taste is ok. I don't know if I would've gone with citrus for a sleep supp. But it does work and knocks me out. Glad it worked for you!
    I <3 Carbs


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