Final Review
This stuff is potent and hits you hard every day of use. From day one I used max dosage and every other day after felt the same spring as the previous day. That has to be the great thing about this product, it has added on adrenaline support so no adapting after a week of same dosages. Even though some days I was clearing only 1500 calories I still wrecked in the gym. I did up the calories for a few days because of being sick, so ultimately felt like I could of lost more, but need to help out the immunity. Hit all time personal records on a few different exercises, one in the beginning being the leg press. The first few days were a bit shaky as I was using max dose (6pills), so I could barely relax, it wasn't a jittery energy, but like a smooth clarity. Wasn't really prepared for it, but it defiantly helped me focus in on class and I was 2 weeks ahead in my homework in all classes after all was said and done. I'd personally not recommend taking full dose of 6 pills if you are cutting as it was a killer the first week cause of dramatic water drop, unless you are supplementing with sodium. Another thing I have to say is that these pills are huuuuuge compared to other fat burners I have taken, they were no trouble taking, but it did peak my interest when I first opened the bottle. Loved this stuff for preworkout, but even more so for studying/school. Gonna order another bottle and run that in November, want to get to at least 9%bf before bulking in winter.

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