naNO Vapor Hardcore Pro Series (2 lbs)
naNO Vapor Hardcore Pro Series (2 lbs)



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naNO Vapor Hardcore Pro Series (2 lbs)

  1. 1/5

    One of my first pre workouts I used...sadly its horrible...MT says on their website "test subjects gained 7lbs" and other off the wall claims! so That may look appealing to the standard noob of lifting but I'm here to tell you that gaining 7lbs off a poorly dosed pre workout isnt going to happen...1 serving of this is 18g...9 of which are carbs and 7.5g is the prop blend of around 30 or more different useless ingredients...I'm guessing the other 1.5g is just the filler stuff for taste and color...Overall I used this and it did nothing for me except give me a head ache and the runs...please don't buy

  2. MT is and always will be ****

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