I used creatine along with Agmantine, Citrulline malate, and Divamax from BioCor. First off thank you to BioCor for the opportunity to try these great products. I have tried numerous different creatine products. I have liked some and I have hated some. This product by BioCor has been great for me. A lot of creatine products have caused me to have gastrointestinal problems, but I had no problems with this product. It has a bland taste, but I mixed it with juice or my flavored BCAA drinks. I noticed the results immediately. I had not used creatine for a few months before trying this product out and I immediately noticed my muscles getting fuller. I felt a greater endurance in my worjouts. I started out this stack weighing 180 and am now 188. I have seen increases in my strength and recommend this creatine product to everyone. The bottle is large and has a ton of servings. Great deal!