Syntha-6 (2.91 lbs.)
Syntha-6 (2.91 lbs.)



Price: $31.49

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 5 total reviews.
Rated: 4.6 out of 5 Read all 5 reviews

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Syntha-6 (2.91 lbs.)

  1. 5 out of 5 rating for Syntha-6 (2.91 lbs.)

    This was my first chance to try Syntha-6 and now I understand what all the fuss is about! As usual, I'm gonna break my review down into the 4 major categories--

    Profile-Syntha-6 consists of a mix of the following proteins: Protein Matrix Comprised Of (Whey Protein Concentrate [Milk], Whey Protein Isolate [Milk], Calcium Caseinate [Milk], Micellar Casein [Milk], Milk Protein Isolate [Milk], And Egg Albumin [Egg], Glutamine Peptides [Wheat]). Throw in some MCTs and polydextrose and you have a truly formidable meal-replacement! It's not necessarily marketed as one, but if one is on a cut, this would be a great time to have Syntha-6. With the enzymes for digestion added, I gotta give Syntha-6 a 10/10. I mean, I really can't think of anything to add to it! Again, that's a 10/10...I never give that for protein!

    Mixability--I've used it with water in a shaker cup and milk in a blender. Both times have given me a good mix with no side-clingers on my cup. There is no chalky feel while drinking it and it goes down quite smoothly...10/10!

    Taste--I've never used fruit-flavored protein outside of the Gold Feast log that I'm running right now. I'm just a sweet tooth kind of guy. With that being said, if they all taste as good as Orange Smoothie, I need to reconsider. This flavor tastes very similar to an Orange Julius, with a little bit of vanilla, I imagine it would taste exactly the same! As it stands, it tastes like a orange sherbet Push-Up. Very, very tasty. The kind of thing I would sneak to a friend that always knocks the supp industry. It's that good and I've been giving samples to my friends. I'm kinda tight-fisted when it comes to my supps--but it's that good! 10/10!

    Overall--I never give 10's. Maybe I have once before, but this flavor of Syntha-6 knocks it out of the park. I can't wait to run through all of the Syntha-6 flavors if they're even 75% as good as Orange Smoothie. 10/10!
  2. 5/5

    fantastic now that they dropped the price a bit. the taste is is actually good and results are noticable

  3. That was my big hold off on buying it was the price - seemed like I was paying for a name. I'll reconsider it.
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  4. 4/5

    tastes great , provides the dense protein needed without the added fat. non bloating even at three scoops. great with water or milk. i don't see any reason except for the added carbs you would need the mass gainer from bsn when this has the amount of calories from protein instead. love bsn great products!
  5. 5/5

    I take Syntha 6 with water before I go to sleep with good results. I cannot confidently say that my gains are all from Syntha as I am taking a wide array of different supplements. However, it definitely helps with my recovery time and muscle soreness. I would suggest the Caramel Latte flavor to anyone. I mix a scoop with 2 servings of vanilla Greek yogurt as a snack and it taste awesome. I also like the chocolate milkshake flavor. Have tried cookies and cream, and well personally I think that flavor taste not so good and would only give it 4 stars because of that reason. Overall, BSN makes good products, might be a little pricey but worth the cash if you have it.
  6. 4/5

    I have a hard time telling whether protein actually works. I have a feeling that ALL protein works, just some in slightly more degrees then others. Muscletech, having heard is the worst, but looking at it's ingredients, it seems legit. I feel like sometimes these companies are bashed because of their other **** products, ie their PWO and ****.

    On the case of Syntha-6
    Taste: 10
    - Absolutely phenomenal. I cannot lie, i have yet to taste a better protein and all the flavours i've tried have been legitimate.
    Mix-ability: 9
    - Very great! No clumps, no sticking to side of blender bottle. Very easy to wash out.
    Effectiveness: 8
    - Like i said, hard to judge, however based on ingredients and it's purpose, i think it's great that you can up the servings and use it as a casein before bed. Obviously more mild then the proteins dedicated for casein but it's versatile. Great for meal replacement as well. You can really manage servings based on needs.
    Price: 7
    - A bit steep, especially if you need to modify servings based on needs. 5lbs for 46 bucks which isn't bad, and 29 for 2.91lbs online. In stores however, 36$ for 2.91 which is definitely quite a bit.
    Not sure what else to judge it on

    I currently use this protein because I'm in afghanistan and since mail time fluctuates A LOT, i have to rely on this sometimes.
    My normal whey protein is
    VPX Zero Carb or
    Giant SPorts Delicious Protein


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