Muscle Milk (4.96 lbs.)
Muscle Milk (4.96 lbs.)



Price: $55.95

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 2 total reviews.
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Muscle Milk (4.96 lbs.)

  1. 4/5

    As expected from the Muscle Milk line, great flavor proteins. I tried both the Chocolate and Vanilla Creme flavors and they mixed very well in a shaker cup. Mixed the Chocolate with 16 oz. of milk and this was very good. Mixed the Vanilla Creme with 16 oz. of water and the flavor was not affected one bit. Grams of protein per serving is not as high as it should be with a single serving having only 16g. Good thing the sample packs come in 2 serving per pack to get a decent amount of protein of 32g.
  2. 4/5

    Overall a good product. Muscle Milk is just what you would expect. Decent mix ability and great taste. The Gram Cracker and banana creme taste great. If you mix chocolate with the gram cracker and it tastes just like a S'more. A tad overpriced but if you clan afford it go for it.

  3. Banana is the best flavor they have.

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