Animal Flex (44 Packs)
Animal Flex (44 Packs)


Universal Nutrition

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Animal Flex (44 Packs)

  1. I have a history of getting elbow, shoulder, knee, and wrist injuries. After getting diagnosed with a stress fracture in my elbow and a little ligament damage, I decided to look into a joint formula. After reading many other reviews of Animal Flex, I decided to give it a try. Overall, I give it an 8/10. It worked great, but it was just wayyy too many pills to take. After taking Animal Flex a couple days, (whether it was placebo effect or not), my elbow was less stiff, more flexible, and began feeling much better, regardless of the stress fracture. I would recommend Animal Flex to anyone looking for a Joint formula THAT DOES NOT MIND TAKING 8 PILLS. Since being released from the doctor and physical therapist 2 weeks ago, I have ordered Super Cissus Rx, as I'm not looking to take that many pills anymore.
  2. 5/5

    ok so i have a very psychical job . i lift stuff all day and it takes a toll on my joints . with all the lifting from the gym / lifting from work . my joints tend to get sore here and there . i was going through a really bad week and my ac joint got inflammed . went to doc and whatnot . they did therapy . worked ok . but i started taking animal flex and stopped going to PT and after a week everything was back to normal . i dont take these pills every day just 2 - 3 times a week and i have NO joint pains . amazing product . 100x better than fish oil for joints . its a must try if you have joint pains or if you lift heavy in general to lube up those joints . yeah its 8 pills. anyone who has taken animal products know how well they work
  3. 5/5

    After 2 motorcycle accidents, having a muscle tear on my foot and serious shoulder pains an old lifting partner of mine told me to get Flex to help with the joint pains. A week into Flex and pain on my leg from my motorcycle accident decreased a lot! My foot no longer hurts. Shoulder hurts but not as much as before. Listen I love animal and universal products but I wasn't expecting to feel any difference taking this. MAN WAS I WRONG! Just wish I had started taking last year.. It would had saved my old job!
  4. 5/5

    This stuff made my knees feel a lot better. However I have moved on to Controlled Lab Orange Triad definitely since I feel I am getting a better value with the multivitamin combo.

  5. 5/5

    I bought it after 2 cans of jointment sport and it was really awesome...
    my wrist was hurting and I could hardly lift and this thing really helped me

  6. I have been using animal flex about a year now. Great product for your joints but useless when it comes to tendon programs. So use animal flex plus cissus tougher but you have to cycle cissus 6 to 8 weeks on 4 weeks off.


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