Purple Wraath (1084 grams)
Purple Wraath (1084 grams)


Controlled Labs

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Purple Wraath (1084 grams)

  1. 5/5

    Last year when there was a sale on this product I ended up purchasing 5 tubs which lasted me around 6-7 months. I mix 2 scoops with around 30 ounces of water. Tastes amazing, like grape bubblegum. Not medicine like at all, like actual grape bubblegum. This product helped me get through some long workouts and cardio. It gave me extra endurance and helped me hang on to muscle while lowering calories. Noticed a huge difference when I finally stopped using. Had to get used that feeling and push myself harder to do the same amount of work.

    Before trying this product I used Xtend for a while and it doesn't even compare. Sure Xtend is great and does help with endurance slightly but this stuff is heads and tails above xtend with more ingredients at respectable dosages.

    There is no other intraworkout product that I've tried that works as well or tastes as good. It's the only one I would recommend using for an extended period of time. Just wish it was a bit cheaper. It's quality stuff though so when you look at it that way the price isn't too shabby.

  2. Agreed, this stuff is awesome. One of my first supplement buys years ago, maybe I should return to the fold...
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  3. 5/5

    PW was with me since 2008, and since then I have made incredible gains in size, strength and density, not to mention stamina and training endurance.

    I was about 100kgs of nasty mass in 2007 and begun cutting, used PW as a post workout bcaa drink.

    now fast forward to 2012 I am still using PW but I sipp on it as I have begun as semi IF lifestyle. Nowadays, I am 88kgs at 10-11%bf. But I do look quite shredded.

    I was able seriously increase the poundage and work like a maniac with this supplement. It just keeps me going and makes every workout a breeze, since it was unavailable from time to time I had to go with other products and they do not come close.

    Most importantly addicted to the taste so fulfilling actually as no other bcaa's ever were.
  4. 5/5

    I am really surprised that there aren't more reviews for PW. Maybe it's because everyone loves it already.

    I have been using PW on and off since it came out. The flavoring has come a long way. I love the Purple Lemonade, not over powering, just nice and refreshing.

    On cardio days, no matter what preworkout I took, I gas out if I don't have my PW.

    I know there are a lot of companies with newer intra formulas, I have tried a handful, but for whatever reason purple wraath works best for me.
  5. 5/5

    NEW Cotton Candy flavor!

    Taste 9/10: Usually preworkouts will be around a 6/10 for me... they're usually either too sweet, taste like a bunch of chemicals, don't mix well and are gritty... Cotton Candy flavor Purple Wraath is something I feel like I could sip on throughout the day without getting tired of it.

    Mixability 10/10: Nothing much to say, but one scoop mixes up perfectly in a 500 mL water bottle. No grit, no leftover residue in the bottle.

    Endurance: I use a modified DC training. I basically ramp up to a max weight that I can rep for 8-10 reps (or 10-12 for smaller movements) to failure, then wait a few moments, try to get 3+ reps, wait a few moments and go again trying to get 1+ reps. All to failure. I had a significant improvement this workout... I felt way less fatigued during the extended sets and was able to rep out much more. I was also able to move on to my next exercise much faster.

    Strength: My strength went up a bit this workout. I'm not 100% sure if I can contribute it to Purple Wraath entirely, but I did bump up to 235 on bench for 12 reps, from 225, and it felt easy. Way too easy. If I weren't coming back from an injury, I would have moved it up some more.
  6. 4/5

    Had the great opportunity to run a log for the new Cotton Candy Purple Wraath by Controlled Labs.Its a pretty robust formula having the necessary BCAA blend but also added are CarnoSyn, Citruline, Norvaline and Betaine.

    Flavor spot on. Nice to see something new aside from Fruit Punch, Blue Razz, Apple etc. For some this may be sweet but like anything add more/less water for taste preference.

    Mixibility I use a shaker bottle with a wire whisk ball and with this no sediment. Mixed very nicely.

    On big lift days, chest, back and legs I would use 2 scoops as an intra and 1 scoop on smaller bodypart days.

    Additionally I made ice cubes out this to add a little flavor to my plain old water.

    DOMS were certainly diminished.

    Another huge positive, 45 servings at a good price point.

    Would I use/buy this again? Most definitely. Excellent product from a great company. Continued success!

  7. Currently Logging the Cotton Candy Flavor....

    I've has PW before and feel like its been the only BCAA product that actually helped me with performance during workouts. Might be do to the extra aids in it.
    But I've never really been a big flavor of the 2 flavors that were available so I would be quick to overlook this product when shopping for a BCAA product.
    But the Lemonade did eventually grow on me...

    So when cotton candy flavor was announce I lost my Shizzz, cause cotton candy flavor is one of my favorite things especially cotton candy its self. I kind of like how some supplement flavors can bring out the kid in you in your adult life.

    So how does it live up....

    Before even opening it you can smell the cotton candy flavor and as soon as you open it it gets stronger and is a legit cotton candy smell. There have been times when I want to just eat the powder straight up cause of the smell.

    Mix and Taste
    Mixes just like the other versions, gets a little foamy on top but after a few minutes that dissipates and there is no left over residue.

    Now taste, it all depends on how much water with this. 1 scoop with only 8-10oz of water makes it taste too strong and kind of makes it hard to distinct the flavor. So i found 16-20oz of water makes it be just right.
    Now cotton candy is a bit of a mix flavor of raspberry/other berry flavors that come together.

    Now wasn't 100% satisfied with the taste but it comes to a close 80/100% satisfaction. But its also at these times when I have to remind myself that I'm using a sports supplement and not having candy so its not supposed to be 100%.
    So this flavor deliverers regardless, great for anybody that loves this flavor or wants something else besides the other options available for this product.


    Depends on the person on what they feel, but as mentioned I think PW has the been one of the few BCAA products that help in the gym.
    And its hard to tell how effective BCAA really are but this makes it a nice drink to have anytime of day especially if your cutting.

    And just in time for the summer months!!!!
  8. 4/5

    I've always used XTEND but saw some talk about this one so I gave it a try. If I recall right the price/serving size is about the same on both. I like the profile of this one a little better. The taste I might have to give to Xtend, but it's close. As long as I can find some Purple Wraath on sale I'll be purchasing from now on! Nice Work CL.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by SwollManLee View Post
    I've always used XTEND but saw some talk about this one so I gave it a try. If I recall right the price/serving size is about the same on both. I like the profile of this one a little better. The taste I might have to give to Xtend, but it's close. As long as I can find some Purple Wraath on sale I'll be purchasing from now on! Nice Work CL.
    Cotton Candy flavor on sale for $24 at Nutra currently. Better jump on it.

  10. The other day I went for a 8 mile run and before I went I took Purple Wraath. Flavor was the purple lemonade. Great taste, dissolves well in water. I've never ran passed 6 miles before but that day I was able to go 8 miles without too much energy loss at the end. After the run I took Green Magnitude from Controlled Labs. Juicy Watermelon flavor. Also, mixes well and taste was ok. I prefer the purple lemonade. Recovery later that was quicker than usual and the next few days I expected to start feeling DOMS set in but never did. Preference: I like the Purple Wraath, and if their Creatine came in another flavor I would try that. I'm just not a huge fan of the Watermelon flavor.

  11. There are other flavored on the market that you might like
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  12. Purple Wraath Final Review

    First I wanna thank @Sean1332 and Controlled Labs for sending me a tub of the Cotton Candy Purple Wraath. Was a great run.

    Lifting Program: Mountain Dog Program 3 (4 days a week)

    Cardio: First half was 3-4 miles walking on lifting days. Second half was 9-15 miles biking week days and some weekends.

    No blender bottle so I use an old 28oz Gatorade bottle. 10 shakes and there are particles on top still. Wait until it settles and then shake for 20-30s more and it's all dissolved. No foam like other BCAA products. Loved that I didn't have to wait long to drink it.

    Kinda tasted like a pink G2 to me. Overpowering for me at 1 scoop in 28oz of water during a workout. Dropped it down to .3-.5 scoop in 28oz and it was very refreshing. 1 scoop in 28oz was good for preworkout and post workout. Also good for being fasted while at work.

    Killed it for me. Only had 1 bad day of DOMS and that was after heavy leg volume, a failed 405 squat and 8 miles of biking. Every other day I was ready to go each lifting session. Loved it. I'd be able to go 5-6 times a week when I had the time and I had no trouble recovering. The addition of EAAs to my normal supps definitely had an effect as I noticed quicker recovery in and out of the gym versus my bulk ModernBCAAs.

    Other Effects:
    3 scoops periworkout gave me an added pump bonus over my normal preworkouts due to the Citrulline Malate. Didn't really get Beta Alanine tingles that I noticed. TMG had a nice effect in combination with the BCAA/EAAs as I was less fatigued and felt like I could spend forever in the gym. I was routinely adding extra exercises into Mountain Dog like front squats on leg days, hex press and overhead press on chest and shoulder days.

    I think Controlled Labs has a killer formula for Purple Wraath with all the ingredients working together. Next supp order I'll definitely be getting more
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  13. You're welcome, man! Thank you for the thorough review.
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.
  14. 4/5

    CL sent me a tub of Cotton Candy flavor to log.
    Mixability: 5/5 - so long as you use a bottle or shaker
    Taste: 3/5 - Inoffensive. It didn't taste like cotton candy, really... just... pink? 1 scoop per quart of water is about as concentrated as I like this... otherwise, it's too sweet for me.
    Effectiveness: 4/5 - Two scoops helped stave off hunger during my workouts. Three scoops seemed to slightly increase recovery. I didn't seem to burn any fat or really increase power or endurance, but since I wasn't starving by the end of my workouts, I felt a bit less zonked leaving the gym.

    Other notes: I despise the feeling of beta alanine. It makes my lips burn and skin crawl... a few sets into the workout, the feeling went away, though, and I got a bit more used to it by the end of the tub.
  15. 5/5

    i loved using this product. the taste was great and it worked very well for me. my endurance was up the entire time i used this product. i heavily recommend it to anyone that needs to try a eaa/bcaa blend.


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