Sick BB'ing Vid

  1. Sick BB'ing Vid

    Didn't see this posted anywhere. Gets me pumped everytime. This songs fit perfectly.

    YouTube - Bodybuilding - A lifestyle

    Solitude is a hard won ally. Faithful and patient. Yea, I think I know you...........

  2. I love this video. I have it saved on my youtube favs.

  3. Great find!

  4. That VID was awesome!!! Thanks bro I needed that.....Repps

  5. anyone else having problems when trying to view this clip?

    it loads fine but does not play

  6. i seen this one a few times. Good pick.

  7. hahaha i watch this on utube everyday before i head to the gym!

  8. I luv this vid its on my myspace

  9. ^^^^thats a good one. nice jams

    ive been watchin this one alot recently!
    YouTube - Flex Wheeler aswome vid

  10. The Jay one i like...but he has shyt form. yea hard to critique mr. olympia....but i did.....

    Thats why i like guys like Victor better, they dont sacrifice form for weight. That IMO help keep them looking more "flowing" and not blocky.

    But, good vid good song.

  11. The first one is amazingly great!I have always liked this one too.....****navclient &ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4ADBR_enUS257US259&q=d orian+yates&oe"[/URL]

  12. Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Lou Ferrigno

    [ame=" lated"]YouTube - Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Lou Ferrigno[/ame]

  13. That first video is badass. Love mudvayne. The scream comes right when ronnie deadlifts. AWESOME

  14. WOOO!! Lightweight baby!!!!

    Cracks me up everytime i hear ronnie say that lol
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

  15. Any of the videos by Animal Pak are sure to pump you the **** up!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by planetfuzz View Post
    That first video is badass. Love mudvayne. The scream comes right when ronnie deadlifts. AWESOME
    I put that one on my myspace page. I like to watch it sometimes before heading to the gym....great motivation


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