New pic i found of wolf

  1. New pic i found of wolf

    he is looking bigger. I believe his mid section is bloating wtf....

  2. Dexter and Dennis james look good. Wolf looks like he's getting a GH gut. Too bad.

  3. lol, yeah thats a GH gut

    seriously, ppl accusing pros of GH guts now days is rediculous. You know you gotta breathe sometimes and ppl dont always take the pic right when they are hitting the pose...
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  4. I agree with warbird01. That's not necessarily a gh gut. These pros do take plenty of anabolics, but they also have to eat like horses. The sheer amount of food they take in during bulking phases can cause a bloated gut look. I suspect Wolf and his trainers are planning on putting on plenty of size to compete with Cutler this Olympia. I bet he still comes in shredded to the core with a somewhat aesthetic look and as skinny a waist as possible.

  5. I think Wolf still has a trim waist compared to the other competitors. He still has some fat to shed in that pic above as well.

    Def. a strong athlete coming up in the 2008 Mr. O.

    Dennis James' midsection looks really odd and his abs too.

  6. Looks more like stomach distention to me plus they're probably holding a good amount of water.
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  7. its a freaKing guest pose.. all bbers look like sh7t at gest pose

  8. calm down brolic. lol I think wolfs lower lats are starting to come in.

  9. Wow he looks awesome!!! Hopefully he dosnt get shafted this year again

  10. It's sad that the winner of Mr. O is going to be wasted on Jay Cutler again.

  11. I agree with you on that one. But Jay isnt that bad of a bbder. Its just his gut that bothers me. O and how it was given to him last year.

  12. He seems to get pretty dry on his lower, but his upper body he has a tendency to hold water. Plus his gut keeps getting larger as well. He's put on too much mass for his frame in the conquest to be as big as Ronnie.

  13. He had to get as big as he needed to even be the best. I believe your right with the to much muscle on his frame. At least he can still put on his socks and shoes lol I would repped but it says i have to spread some of the love around first lol

  14. As low as his BF% he should be able to suck in that gut, which he cant. I dont care if you've got a 4 lb steak in your stomach, if your in shape you can flatten out that midsection.

  15. damn are those pics photoshopped? that first pic his head is so small... and the 4th pic his arms are huge!

  16. jays first win he did deserve it. last way..martinez had him beat and would prob beat him this year if he was competing. my guess, and i know alot will disagree, dexter jackson will win, jay second, dennis wolf 3rd.

  17. who are theese judges?? i think only retired bb should judge like

    flex, plambo, etc

  18. i noe mike catz is one of them or at least it says in pumping iron the raw footage

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    its a freaKing guest pose.. all bbers look like sh7t at gest pose
    No sh!t guys!Dexter "the blade" jackson has a ****ing gut too with barely visible abs......That should be all it took to put 2 and 2 together........


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