Ifbb Drug Testing!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    Would you like to explain how you know this ?
    lasts month issue of flex...and online

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    why would a top pro sell roids..??
    To make money. I think it was several years ago when he got caught selling gear. The more recent happenings I believe are more of him being linked to suppliers, labs, and dealers, etc.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by TerribleTowel View Post
    I disagree. The majority of people in my gym feel that everyone bigger than them is juicing. The general public doesn't understand the idea of proper nutrition and training.
    I have noticed the same as well.

  4. i would love to see what actual substances the ifbb test for?

    flag the drug test altogether and go with the lie detector tests instead

    and do them as part of the competition just before the posedown!

  5. 30 different types of anabolic steroids..and one..beaver tranquilizer..

  6. They can take random drug test from 20 guys and only test 2 or 3 and say they tested 20 of the top guys for the media. As for which substances they are testing for I would be interested to find out. My guess is that they will be testing for things like pot, opiates, and other narcotics so they can say they did a "drug test"


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