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  1. unless the fda gets on stage to bust someone, it will not be on ESPN anytime soon. Lee Haney used to have a Sunday morning show, late 80's early 90's. Real early in the am, my fatherused to make me wake up for that. Outside of that show, it wont be back
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    they have paintball on ESPN sometimes. I used to watch it all the time. It wasnt great casue you couldnt see the ****in ball and it really just looks like peoepl running around with fake guns going "bang bang" like when you were a kid haha....
    last time they had paintball on espn was a couple years ago there is a pretty big event every couple months but it is almost never televised because most people dont understand it or know what they are looking at

    you said "it looks like people running around with fake guns" thats what the common non player would say. but to someone who has played competitively they understand the difficulty of the moves the guys make on the field not and the kind of training these guys put them selves threw in order to compete on that level

    the same can be said about body building. to the average person its just a bunch of over grown people in tiny underwear with overly large bodies but to avid gym goers that are interested in getting bigger and being as strong as possible they can appreciate things like Ronnie Coleman's lat spread and the over all condition these guys get in prior to getting on stage

    i think steroids has little to do with the choice to not air body building if that was the case baseball would be in the same boat as would professional wrestling(which many more kids watch then bb's)

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dommer View Post
    yea but the audience for golf is 100's of times bigger then the audience that bbing appeals to

    same thing with paintball serious players that train year round and compete year round on the national level want to see their sport on espn and tv but the the only market to put something like that on espn isnt big enough not to mention for the average non paintballer/non body builder both sports are very boring to watch

    how do u train for PB?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    how do u train for PB?
    sent yo ua pm didnt want to hi jack the thread with a long post but in short its the same as any other sport you simulate a game situation and practice on your short comings every sunday for 6-7 hours and maintain physical conditioning need to play

    the style i played competed in and trained for is much different then what you see in the woods just go to youtube and search for some speedball videos you will see its not the classic hunt and hide type game its constant motion with some very quick moves especially from rite after the start whistle

    keep in mind we were running full out sprints most games in the middle of summer with long sleeve jerseys on and t-shirts underneath long pants with shorts underneath a mask so air flow was restricted head wraps to add padding to get bouces from our heads and packs with 10 to 15ish lbs of paint on our back while holding and shooting fully loaded guns with large air tanks and running

  5. i didnt say it was hard..

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    i didnt say it was hard..
    i just assume when people ask how do you train that they dont know the format and just assumed woodsball so i tried to explain it the best i could

    even my friends would ask me what i was doing on a given Sunday and when i would say practice for a up coming pb tournament they would almost always say how do you practice for pb a couple of them came a long and wanted to try and practice with the team (team was cool with it since it usually didn't alter the game at all since they weren't on the same level) and after practice they were amazed at how physically demanding it is not to mention ****ing expensive

  7. We should all email ESPN and demand they show bodybuilding.Hell it doesn't have to be pro.They could show some local shows.But they have to believe there is a demand for it before they show it.I can remember when Fox sports south showed it.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Disturbed View Post
    We should all email ESPN and demand they show bodybuilding.Hell it doesn't have to be pro.They could show some local shows.But they have to believe there is a demand for it before they show it.I can remember when Fox sports south showed it.
    it was 99 or 01

  9. or at least a web cast... for the Mr O, anrold. ny pro,


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