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    Who you think is going to take it? Peter Putnam? Trey Brewer? Brandon Curry? Does anyone have any pics? I cant see the websites for this show because of the website blocking of work. I didnt find this interview from flex.

    It is a rare occurance when perhaps the most talked-about bodybuilder in the amateur ranks is one who has yet to step on stage at a national-level show. But, heading into this weekendís NPC Junior Nationals, thatís exactly the situation. Aside from Peter Putnam and Brandon Curry, there may be no more recognizable name than Trey Brewer, the 22-year-old super heavyweight who, despite having only three bodybuilding contests under his belt, is one of the marquee athletes for supplement giant BSN.

    This weekend, Brewer will attempt to take his biggest step yet at the NPC Junior Nationals in Chicago, Illinois. Flexonline recently sat down with Brewer to get his take on the Junior Nationals, hype, and the possibility of earning a pro card at the upcoming USAs in July.

    WHAT: NPC Junior Nationals
    WHERE: Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois
    WHEN:Friday, June 20 and Saturday, June 21


    FLEX: You last competed in December 2006, winning the overall at the NPC Excalibur. What did you weight at that contest and what do you anticipate weighing this weekend at the Junior Nationals?
    Brewer: When I did the Excalibur I think I was like 240, 245, around there. This time Ö man, I donít know. Probably around 255 260.

    FLEX: What improvements have you made since the Excalibur?
    Brewer: I think my biggest thing was just improving my proportions, bringing up my upper body to match my legs. I think Iíve done that this year, which youíll see. A lot more splits in my legs. My legs are big, but I wanted more splits, more hamstring development. More detail and thickness in the upper back. Thatís really about it.

    FLEX: : Youíve had a lot thrown at you at a young age. Do you feel any pressure to live up to the so-called hype that has been building up over the last year?
    Brewer: I donít think thereís any pressure. I have been blessed and thank God for that. The thing is, I keep telling people - they keep asking me about pressure, pressure, pressure people forget Iím only 22. So there is no pressure because I got time on my hands. Iím always improving and I can always make improvements because Iím still young. But I donít feel any pressure. I always want to compete and do good so I put pressure on myself to be better, but I donít pay much attention to the hype.

    FLEX: Are you looking at the Junior Nationals as a must-win situation?
    Brewer: Itís always a must win, every show I always go in to win. So Iím going into it just like any other show. I want to come out on top. Itís definitely going to give me momentum for the USAs, where Iíll hopefully turn pro. But yeah, itís always a must win situation no matter what.

    FLEX: There arenít many names entering this show aside from yourself. Is there anybody youíre looking at as a threat?
    Brewer: To tell you the truth, I havenít even heard or seen anybody either. So not that I know of.

    FLEX: So in your mind this is your show to lose?
    Brewer: Yeah.

    FLEX: Youíve been presented with opportunities to meet with some of the best in the business Ė guys like Ronnie Coleman Ė over the last year, opportunities that donít usually come to guys your age. What have you taken from those experiences?
    Brewer: I have been able to talk to Ronnie, heís been real cool and especially Jay and Phil Heath. Both have given me a lot of advice and I just kind of watch their techniques - just off their videos and stuff like with Phil getting ready for the Arnold. Phil has also given me a lot of mental advice, like not to worry about other things, just worry about yourself and keep doing your thing. All those guys been real cool. Itís been really motivation to me.

    (Brewer with Ronnie Coleman in 2007 at Coleman's home in Arlington, Texas)

    FLEX: Have you tried to pattern yourself after any one of these guys in particular?
    Brewer: I look up to all of them, because I know how tough it is to be in this sport, especially be a pro. So I have respect for all those guys. All of the top guys that I talk to have been real cool , especially when I guest posed at Jim Manions show [the Pittsburgh Pro Figure] just being backstage and being on stage with those guys was just unbelievable. Being on same stage as Jay and Ronnie, Phil, Dexter and Victor - all those guys and Iím still an amateur. That was a big thing for me.

    FLEX: Ok, prediction time. What happens at the Junior Nationals this weekend?
    Brewer: I win.

    FLEX: What happens in Las Vegas six weeks from now at the USAs?
    Brewer: I win.

    FLEX: Give me three reasons why you win the USAs in July.
    Brewer: The changes I made as far as proportion and balance. Being a bigger guy, being a super heavyweight, I still got a little waist so it makes my overall balance and proportion better. And Iíll be in better condition.

  2. I heard Brewer did pretty bad. Does anyone have any pics ? I looked at for them and they are not uploaded there.

    I recall seeing him really fat 9 weeks out and a lot of people were saying he was still too heavy at that point.

  3. I checked out his pics. He was a bit soft and not as tight as he usually is. I think he looked better at the Excalibur.

    He was sporting some gyno for this competition which he's going to need removed.

  4. reaper ill post the pics in here and yes i saw Treys gyno and the big sean allen won too. Trey took 5th

  5. someone get him a bra!

  6. I'm not sure what his trainer was thinking. He came in poor condition and sporting gyno. He's lucky to have placed 5th.

  7. His conditioning isn't terrible. Gyno yea wtf? Thats embarrassing. He looks to be about 3-4weeks out in that picture IMO
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  8. That pic actually looks better then the on stage pics i saw at MD. He really looks bloated to me and something is just off with his symetry. The super heavy that won it is a monster but his conditioning didnt look that great either, but the NPC likes mass monsters.

  9. He just seemed a few weeks out, plus gyno.

    I'm not sure who he is working with, but his trainer really messed up a good competition for Trey.

  10. Wow he does look bad. He has sooooo many thick stretch marks too. Who ever the eff put him thru that show needs to be whacked.

    I've never put a pro level bb thru a show but damn. Thats bad
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    Wow he does look bad. He has sooooo many thick stretch marks too. Who ever the eff put him thru that show needs to be whacked.

    I've never put a pro level bb thru a show but damn. Thats bad
    Ya, it is ashame.. But what do you expect when you have to shed 80lbs in 10 weeks?

    I hope he can get some solid people in his corner, who steer him in the right direction..

  12. Quote Originally Posted by imprezivr6 View Post
    Ya, it is ashame.. But what do you expect when you have to shed 80lbs in 10 weeks?

    I hope he can get some solid people in his corner, who steer him in the right direction..
    Yea thats true.....he just gets sooo fat in his off season. I can't however feel bad for him he's what 21-22 and put on ~100lbs in 2 years (going from high school football stuff on the web).

    That was a terrible showing. After his showing at the xcal. you would think he'd look even better since he took 2 years off. I wonder if he'll ever get his pro card
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  13. its sad he won the excal weighing more then nationals and he placed 5th. Let me find an interview with his trainer saying he was losing so much weight in the last 2 weeks he was eating like 7 meals a day trying to keep his muscle.

  14. found it!

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

  15. he looks like he peaked to early or he spilled over after pre's. I myself is going foe B- Curry. Dude got it all.


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