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    i luv this vid. Its one of my favs.
    wow he looks amazing in that contest! really i would put him top 4 if he came in like that against todays olympias. I wonder if he will compete this year and how he will look as he hasnt competed in a while. Another thing about eating so much in the offseason is i think when you pack on so much weight like that your legs are forced to grow esp calves and lee has amazing calves.

  2. Well eating like that sure didnt help out Trey Brewer!

  3. you got that right^

  4. Lee Priest has been my inspiration in bodybuilding for years......I have spoke with him on 4 occaisions. He is really cool and down to earth. I do not think there is a better build in bodybuilding than Lee... it is good to see he is back in the IFBB..... they had to reistate the guy, he is a very good crowd draw...and the IFBB is in the buisiness to make money. I think what I like most about the guy other than his inhuman physique is he is not afraid to speak his mind.....regardless of the consequences....he always spits it like it is is, no fluff or filler. Hale to the Blonde Myth!


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